Maintenance Update - March 7
Maintenance Update - March 7

Dear Fireflies,

Lost Light is scheduled for a server update at 10:00 (UTC+8) on Mar 7, 2024. The estimated duration is 2 hours. Your game experience will be affected during the update. We recommend waiting until the update is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Please restart the client after the update to experience the new content. We will send a small gift to your mailbox for your troubles.


[New Features]

[New Collection Catalogue]

Curious about how many precious goldens you've successfully looted? Check out the "Collection Catalogue" tab in your Confidential Information now!

1. Unlockable precious goldens looted from the Exclusion Zone will be collected in the Collection Catalogue;

2. Collect a certain amount of each precious golden to earn rewards;

3. Initially available catalogues: Eggy, Blade of Legacy, Crypto Coin, Graphics Card, Golden Christmas Deer, Eagle of Legacy, and Vase of Legacy.

[New Exhibit Room]

Is precious goldens only for selling? No, show it off too!

1. A new Exhibit Room is added to the Shelter, initially at level 0. Fireflies can upgrade and unlock cabinet usage and display slots by submitting materials;

2. Switch display slots and change cabinet styles in the Exhibit Room. We currently offer 10 different cabinets;

3. Once you collect enough precious goldens, you can unlock the display feature for that item. Only Unlockable goldens can be displayed;

4. Fireflies can drag and place precious goldens onto the cabinets in the Exhibit Room. The Blade of Legacy takes up more space, so choose a suitable display slot and cabinet;

5. For placed precious goldens, Fireflies can still rotate, remove, or put them back to the Storage;

6. The first batch of display permissions includes Eggy, Blade of Legacy, Crypto Coin, Graphics Card, Golden Christmas Deer, Eagle of Legacy, and Vase of Legacy.


[General & Rules]

[Spray Can Application Improvements]

When purchasing a new weapon, its Parts will now automatically use the Spray you applied on the same Parts last time. Plus, you can now quickly change your Spray Design on the weapon modification screen.

[HeLa Source]

1. Adjusted the source refresh timer from 1 minute to 20 seconds.

2. Adjusted the source refresh notification from 1 minute before refresh to 20 seconds.

[Radiumond Arena]

1. No Tickets will be required for Free Battle from 8 PM to 10 PM every Saturday. Give it a try!

2. The Radiumond Arena's unlock requirement is now Lv.17.

3. Enjoy 50% off Radiumond Arena Tickets for your first 10 purchases.

4. Receive a bonus Ticket for your first Free Battle.

5. Discover a variety of purple rarity loot in Free Battle.

[Shelter Units]

Adjusted the required construction materials for the Storage. Excess materials will be refunded via Mail.

[Item Arrangement Optimization]

You can now change the location of items in the Storage by selecting them.

For example, select an item in Noah's backpack and then another one to swap their positions. Additionally, select a removable Weapon Part and an empty slot in your Backpack/Storage to unequip that Part, and vice versa.

[Matchmaking Optimizations]

1. In Normal mode, you won't be matched with high-rank players until you're more ready.

2. In the Radiumond Arena, you'll be matched with players of more similar ranks.


[Combat Adjustments]

[Noah's Skill Optimization]

Due to being upgraded by UTE, supplies picked up by Noah will now be stacked automatically. However, Noah won't stack Unlockable and Unlocked items, even if they are identical.

[Tactical Inspections]

1. Added tactical inspection animations for the M870, CAR-58, and Bell153. There are now different animations for full, partially full, and empty magazines.

2. Optimized the inspection animation. The magazine slide will now be at different positions based on the amount of ammo remaining.

[Equipment Feature]

1. L Helmets will now reduce Armor Piercing damage.

2. Added a new feature - Marauder Killer to the MP5 and Mosin-Nagant, increasing their damage dealt to Marauders.

[Combat Pace]

Reduced the bullet damage to extend the player's reaction time after being shot. Additionally, to reward headshots, the head damage multiplier has been increased so that headshot damage remains unchanged.

[Damage Timing Optimization]

Adjusted the timing when damage is dealt to prevent players from gaining advantages by exploiting game latency.


[Marauder Adjustments]

[Marauder Combat Indicators]

1. Added level icons to Marauders so that Fireflies can easily tell how dangerous they are.

2. Regular Bosses are now indicated on the map.

3. All Fireflies in the Operation will be alerted when the Boss is refreshed.

4. Fireflies will be alerted when locked onto by Marauders.


[Map and Level Design]

[ARK Company]

Increased the amount of high-value supplies in ARK Company.

[Respawn Screen Optimizations]

Optimized the animation when players select their respawn location. Additionally, the names of respawn areas will now be displayed.

[Supply Drops]

1. Reduced the drop rate of Advanced Weapons, Parts, Armor, and Ammo on all maps.

2. Reduced the drop rate of Modules and Chips on all maps.

[Mini-map Indicators]

Revamped the indicator for high-value supply areas, making the icons of "Graphics Cards" and other rare items more visible.

[Key & Keycard Optimization]

Added corresponding map info for Keys and Keycards, making it easier to locate their matching locks.


[Economy Adjustments]

[Heidi's Store]

75% off for the first two Basic Expansion Boxes purchased!


[Task & Item Changes]

[Item Descriptions]

Updated the descriptions of the Massager, Printer, Printing Paper, Mask, and Pen.


[Bug Fixes]

Fixed the discrepancy between the UI display and characters' movements when switching stance from Prone to Standing and from Crouching to Standing.