Maintenance Update – October 19
Maintenance Update – October 19

Dear Fireflies,

Lost Light is scheduled for a server update at 02:00 (UTC) on October 19th, 2023. The estimated duration is 2 hours. Your game experience will be affected during the update. We recommend waiting until the update is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Please restart the client after the update to experience the new content. We will send a small gift to your mailbox for your troubles.



1. Top-up for Rewards! Limited-time only!

*Event Period: Oct 19, 2023, 11:00 - Nov 1, 2023, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)

*Top up and get rewards! Meet Top-up Goals to get Tomahawk Injector Case and more!

2. [October Joyride] Limited-time only!

*Event Period: Oct 19, 2023, 11:00 - Nov 1, 2023, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)

*Log in and complete tasks to redeem rewards like Ammo Case, Spray Cans, and Advanced Equipment!

3. Romance Lucky Draw will be back for a limited time!

*Event Period: Oct 19, 2023, 11:00 - Nov 1, 2023, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)

*Pinky goodie, adding a splash of color to your life! Romance - Spray Can will be available for a limited time. Good luck!


[Combat Adjustments]

1. Optimized animations for using Painkillers and Individual Medkit in FPP mode.

2. Within a very close range, you can still be detected by the Sound Indicator even with A-Series Armor that has the Quiet Feature.

3. The visibility of the Laser Trip Mine's trigger indicator has been improved.

4. Temperature-related adjustments:

- Slightly increased the temperature increase rate of sprinting, walking, crouch walking, and crawling.

- Reduced the Walk Temp. Up Rate for WTD-C and Sprint Temp. Up Rate for STI-C.


[General & Rules]

1. The chance of obtaining Bullets with a rarity of Scarlet and Gold when choosing "A Clean Shot" for Respawn has been increased.

2. Further optimized the matchmaking mechanics, tailoring them for different servers. Fireflies will be matched with opponents and teammates at similar skill levels.


[Marauder Adjustments]

Now Fireflies can also disarm Marauders.


[Task & Item Changes]

Added effect indicator icons to Injectors, Painkillers, and Bottle of Painkillers. The icons will be displayed when the items are in the Backpack during Operations.


[Map and Level Design]

Mt. Akiyama updates:

- Adjusted the terrain to help Fireflies better identify climbable paths.

- Fixed the issue where invisible walls prevent Fireflies from landing shots on enemies in the distance.


[Bug Fixes]

Fixed the issue that the projectile animation is not properly played on low-end devices or during intense battles.