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Maintenance Update - August 4
Maintenance Update - August 4

Dear Fireflies,

Lost Light is scheduled for a server update at 02:00 (UTC) on August 4th, 2022. The estimated duration is 2 hours. Your game experience will be affected during the update. We recommend waiting until the update is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please restart the client after the update to experience the new content. We will send a small gift to your mailbox for your troubles.

Update content:

New skin [Cowboy Punk] goes live!

Ø Event time: August 4th, 16:00:00 till August 11th, 15:59:59 (UTC)

Ø The new skin [Cowboy Punk] is on sale with 20% off on the first week. The original price will be restored after the event ends!

Ø Get an exclusive avatar by purchasing the skin during the event!


[Total Top-Up] event goes live!

Ø Event time: August 4th, 16:00:00 till August 11th, 15:59:59 (UTC)

Ø Top up Light Points (LP) during the event and get additional rewards, including limited avatars!

Ø Note: Only LPs obtained through cash top-up are eligible.



1. Optimized the matchmaking algorithm to reduce the number of marauders in low-difficulty games.

2. Added skip function for video in the Premium interface.

3. Adjusted the unlock conditions of some Mods; no longer need to complete specific tasks.

4. Added special daily tasks with rich rewards.

5. Added craft tasks in Heidi’s missions line.

6. Optimized the adaptation effect on the PC side.

7. Added the mouse hover effect on the PC side.