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Maintenance Update - Jan 6
Maintenance Update - Jan 6

Dear Fireflies,

Lost Light is scheduled for a server update at 02:00 (UTC) on Jan. 6th, 2022. The estimated duration is 2 hours. Your game experience will be affected during the update. It is recommended to wait until the update is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Please restart the client after the update to experience the new content. A small gift will be sent to your mail for your troubles.



1. The description of keys has been optimized, now keys’ places of use are more detailed and understandable.

2. Optimized notification of upgrades in the shelter. Now, when the upgrade of a construction reaches the maximum level, icons above them will indicate this accordingly.

3. A new avatar frame "Tears of the old times" has been added. It can be obtained by participating in events on our social media.

4. The lighting effect in the modification window has been optimized.

5. An alert function has been added to the new “Clear Bag” option.

6. The function of contacting technical support has been reconfigured, now it is on the main page.

7. Added the option to download installation packages separately for the PC client.

8. The "Old times" event is over, a new storyline event will be launched in a future update.


[Combat System]

1. Duo mode has been added to the ranked matchmaking.

2. The final extraction point in the rank mode will now be available at an earlier period.

3. Replaced the sound effects of weapons P90, MP7, ADAR 215, TX15.

4. Optimized game performance.

5. The Commander's difficulty has been increased, now he will certainly be equipped with armor and helmet, and he will also attack marauding players.

6. Now, information about the enemy's armor will be displayed on the screen.

7. Expanded the variety of the marauders’ voicelines

8. Optimized the effect of taking damage

9. Added medicine and throwables to the calculation of a successful extraction probability from a raid

10. Added zooming function for the mini-map

11. Added the function of a location focus on the mini-map

12. Updated the layout of the mini-map interface, improved interaction with the map

13. Added function for selecting subtasks on the mini-map. You can now mark subtasks individually


[Bug fixes]

1. Fixed the issue with display of the health bar of a fallen enemy

2. Fixed a bug when magazines disappeared when leaving the shooting range

3. Fixed map bugs where a player could die from getting stuck in textures

4. Fixed overlapping damage and kill notifications

5. Fixed an update display bug on the PC client

6. Fixed the display of the Russian language in the game entry Signins window

7. Added missing description in German for some weapons

8. Added missing elements of the Russian translation in the Sign-ins window

9. Fixed a problem with the radio interface animation.