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Maintenance Update - Aug 12
Maintenance Update - Aug 12

Dear Fireflies:

Lost Light is scheduled to perform a server update from 3:00 (UTC+1) on Aug 12, 2021 with no downtime. The estimated duration is 2 hours. Your game experience will be affected during the update. We recommend you wait until the update is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please restart the client after the update to experience the new content.

Followings are the update details:


Update Notes:

1. Resolved the issue where text exceeds the original box size and inaccurate translation in some languages

2. Fixed the incorrect behavior of death animation

3. Fixed the incorrect mission sequencing in the match that missions of the current map would be placed at the top

4. Fixed the issue where some ammo does not display all suitable firearm

5. Fixed the problem that even if a kill message was prompted, NPCs killed by players would not be counted

6. Fixed the blurred display of food station

7. Resolved the incorrect notification message when a player tries to pick up a backpack that exceeds the maximum nesting level

8. Fixed the problem that crafted items disappeared from the crafting list

9. Optimized the visual effect of food station

10. Fixed the problem that in Marauder mode, you would still be notified if you are carrying valuable items

11. Fixed the inability to continue from upgrade complete screen when trying to upgrade a building in the shelter sometimes

12. Fixed the problem that the character in the loadout screen would disappear if you enter storage from loadout, upgrade storage and then close the storage screen

13. Fixed the problem that after reconnection, the reconnected player could not see previous allied relation

14. Adjusted the coordinates of the location to complete mission “Informants”

15. Resolved the repeated BGM when switching the game to the background and switch it back on

16. Fixed the display of beginner tutorial

17. Fixed the incorrect display of items on the market during the zero-downtime maintenance

18. Fixed a large number of incorrect or too small UI in the market screen

19. Extended the time to select a firing mode in the beginner tutorial

20. Corrected the reload action for MP-153 in the prone position

21. Resolved the issue where kill message exceeds the original box size in certain languages

22. The “dogtag” in the create character screen has been replaced with the capitalized “Dogtag”

23. Fixed the issue where multiple notifications were prompted for knock out or kill

24. Fixed the incorrect display of the kill's estimated value

25. Resolved issues related to view action

26. Resolved issues related to the display of item list in battle

27. Resolved issues related to the display of rescue icons

28. Fixed the issue where the select type screen would not be closed after tapping the upgrade popup

29. Fixed the problem that after purchasing magazines to container items in prepare screen, the select ammo screen would not open when empty magazines are replaced in the chest rig

30. Fixed the incorrect position of food station, and air purifier icons

31. Fixed the problem that you could still enter the facility and perform an upgrade by tapping the left side of the icon even after the shelter upgrade is complete

32. Resolved issues related to food station functions and display

33. Fixed the problem that when the character is sitting, if you open the firearm modification screen and exit and let the character stand up, the camera becomes laggy and is subject to instantaneous change

34. Resolved the incorrect notification message when a player tries to pick up a backpack that exceeds the maximum nesting level

35. Fixed the problem that some of the sliders on the left side of equipment selection list cannot be swiped to the bottom

36. Fixed the problem that when closing the manage ammo screen, if you tap very quickly, the ammo information will be displayed on magazine selection screen

37. Fixed the problem that when trying to swipe down the crafting list, the game may become laggy

38. Fixed the missing dynamic effects when the workbench is opened

39. Fixed the problem that after unloading a magazine in the storage, you will receive a notification that says failed to do so when trying to replace it with an empty magazine

40. Fixed the problem that when trying to purchase magazines to container items, it will replace the magazines in chest rig with the newly purchased magazines

41. Fixed the problem that in manage magazine screen, when trying to purchase multiple magazines to container items and load the magazines, incorrect tips will be displayed

42. Fixed the duplicate display of achievement badges

43. Fixed the problem that purchase limit and stock are not displayed

44. Fixed the overlapping craft entries

45. Fixed the problem that when trying to upgrade the air purifier, if you tap “track mission” for the build air purifier mission, it would cause some other UI in the shelter to disappear

46. Fixed the problem that the displayed achievement badges are not consistent with the actual achievement badges

47. Fixed the problem that the crafted items are listed in the wrong order under the to be crafted

48. Fixed the problem that if you purchase multiple magazines in chest rig, only one magazine will be counted in the manage ammo screen

49. Fixed the missing highlight border for food station

50. Fixed the overlapping UI during the process of upgrading the air purifier in the shelter

51. Fixed the problem that levels and names of the facilities that are required for upgrading shelter are not displayed

52. Fixed the problem that the close button for player info screen is sometimes not displayed

53. Fixed the problem that in manage magazine screen, when trying to purchase multiple magazines and you don't have enough ammo to load all magazines, only the first magazine would load

54. Fixed the incorrect display of the list when only view crafting queue is selected

55. Fixed the overlapping text on the top left of magazines

56. Fixed the problem that when trying to purchase multiple magazines in chest rig, magazines would be placed directly into the storage

57. Fixed the problem that when trying to drag ammo onto a weapon in a nested backpack, the number of bullets for the weapon would not update in real-time

58. Fixed the problem that when trying to upgrade and the crafting limit has been reached, you would not be notified when you tap the craft button.

59. Fixed the problem that achievement badges for unlocked achievements are not displayed

60. Fixed the problem that when searching for new players, their equipment information would not be synced

61. Fixed the problem that the icon and the guideline of food station are not displayed when you tap “track mission” for the build food station mission

62. Fixed the problem that the graphic dynamic effects for food station are not displayed

63. Fixed the problem that the distance indicator of knocked out teammate is blocked by other numbers on the mini-map

64. Enlarged the font size for firearm unlocking condition on the bottom right of smartphones