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Dev’s Letter - July 2021



So glad to see you again. As you may know, Lost Light conducted a data wipe on July 29, 2021, officially ended the Firefly Vanguard test and started the follow-up Light-chasing test.

About this data wipe

With the joint efforts of the development team and players, Lost Light has been improved significantly in the past three months. And we think it is time for Lost Light to proceed to the next phase.

This data wipe is not only part of the game testing process but also part of the storyline. We hope that players can immerse themselves in the story and start a new journey with these memories, which we consider a sort of heritage of the game version and content.

There are three key messages in the storyline of the data wipe: Alita, HeLa pheromone, and HeLa antibody containers.

For players, the exclusion zone is almost the last survivable home. However, this home may collapse anytime due to the continuously increasing HeLa pheromone inside. At this dark moment, players learn from Alita that collecting a certain amount of HeLa antibody containers may stop this disaster. Then players' mission is clear: find the antibody containers, save the exclusion zone, and survive.

As for the design of the in-game event, carrying our wish for all players to unite together, we tried to guide players toward the same goal. The ultimate goal was broken down into several smaller goals. However, admittedly, there is still considerable room for progression on the event's reward setting and play rules.

At the same time, to help players familiar with the storyline, we tried to release information via our official Facebook & Discord. For example, we released the snapshot of Alita as a warm-up regularly released the progress of mission item collection, and hosted the exclusion zone screenshot competition, etc. All these attempts were aimed to help players have a more comprehensive understanding of the story of Lost Light.

As you may know, this data wipe would wipe out all of the data. We fully understand that the erase of the data would bring strong frustration to players. Therefore, we want to create some anchor points for players to remember and inherit from this data wipe event, such as the character – Alita and the item – HeLa antibody containers. In the new test, Alita will company players to unlock new plots. Please look forward to it.

Changes after the data wipe

The new game package brings a new experience. This time, the change begins with the creation of characters. Map designs, battle experience, gameplays, almost every part of the game has been updated and is waiting for you to explore.

Future data wipe plan

According to the current plan, there will still be data wipes in the future. Please follow the official Facebook & Discord for the latest news and more details.

About hacks and cheaters

During the Firefly Vanguard test, most criticisms are about hackers.

As a PvP game, the hack is the issue that bothers us from the very beginning. And we had to be honest that the severity of the hacker issue greatly exceeded our expectations. Some of our members had to stop their game development job and devoted themselves to the fights against hackers. With our efforts, the effectively banned hackers considerably increased. However, based on the feedback, there is so much more to do.

Tackling hackers will still be one of our top priorities. The use of hacks is an inevitable problem for PvP games. We know the fight will be long, but we are ready. Very soon, we will improve the in-game reporting mechanism. Under the new process, when we receive a hacker report via the post-battle settlement reporting function, we will verify it and process it as soon as possible. After the procession, the player who reports the hackers will receive an in-game e-mail that contains the processing result. This e-mail will also attach supplies to compensate the players for their impacted game experience. In addition, we will implement more in-game anti-hack solutions in the future. Moreover, we hope players can help us to fight against hackers,please use the in-game reporting function to report hackers to help maintain a fair game environment.


See you in the Light-chasing test.