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Data Wipe Announcement – July 29
Data Wipe Announcement – July 29

Dear Fireflies,

Lost Light is scheduled to close and reset at 07:00 (UTC+1) on July 29th, 2021.Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions in the Firefly Vanguard Test. The new test version has been optimized based on the most frequent suggestions we have received.

The next round of test will start at 11:00 (UTC+1) on July 29th, 2021. You will need to re-download the game from google play store to join the new test. Thank you again for your long-term support and understanding! We look forward to seeing you in the new test!

[Data Wipe]

All account information on both servers will be wiped, including character IDs, supplies, levels, friends, etc.

*Note: You will need to create a new character after the data wipe.

[CBT Rewards]

Players who have created characters before July 19 will be rewarded with [Alita avatar] and [avatar frame] in the new test.

*Note: To ensure you receive the rewards without issue, we strongly recommend that you bind your account before the wipe and use the same account to login after the data wipe.

Patch Notes:


1. Mt. Akiyama Remake:

2. New military items and military buildings. Increased grass height to reduce the FOV in the grass.

3. Adjusted the supply drop and added 6 outdoor supply drop points. Adjusted AI distribution.

4. Optimized the map art effect and environment sound effects

5. Windswept Harbor Remake:

6. Optimized the Hospital, Oil Refinery, and Riverbank. More covers have been added to the areas.

7. Increased the supply drop in Oil Refinery. Adjusted AI distribution.

8. Optimized the overall map art effect.


1. In-game Rescue Redesign:

  a) Knocked out players can choose to pay a commission after sending SOS signals. The player who successfully completes the rescue will receive a commission from the knocked-out player.

  b) The rescuer and the rescued will not be able to deal damage to each other for a certain time after the rescue.

  c) Optimized the overall representation of the rescue gameplay.

2. Life Detector Function Optimization:

  a) Added illustrations for unlocked life detector functions after completing missions.

  b) Optimized the representation of life detector and added sound effects.

  c) The detection range of the in-game voice channel will increase with the life detector level.

3.The armor class will reduce with the armor durability loss. Now the equipment screen will show armor class change in real-time.

4.Repairing armor and helmets will show durability changes and armor class changes in real-time.

5.Players can go to the health screen to choose to remove debuffs first or to restore HP first.

6.Redesigned some ammo types so that they have a higher chance of triggering bleeding or leg fracture.

7.New PP bullet for 5.45X39mm cartridge. It can be unlocked through missions at Lv.6.

8.When there is an engagement in the match, all players will be informed of its location via match notifications.

9.New shiftwalk feature (enabled by pushing the joystick). When the character is in sneak mode, other players will not pick up your footsteps.

10.When you get too close to any obstacle, you will unequip your weapon and lose the ability to shoot immediately.

11.Enriched injury representations. Bleeding and bone fractures are more realistic.

12.Enriched hunger and thirst representations. Feedback from hungry & thirsty is more realistic.

13.Enriched gasping sound effects. Character will have different gasping sound effects based on their stamina.

14.Enriched food consumption representation to make it more realistic.

15.Added view action for checking dropped items in battle to make it more realistic.

16.Optimized execution representation. Equipment will scatter on the ground when a character is killed.

17.Total match loot value will be display in real-time.

18.Map selection screen will record the last selected map.

19.New sound effect when the spare magazine is fully loaded.

20.Optimized the right fire button to minimize accidental touches.

21.The match end warning is more obvious.

22.Optimized the teammate icon display making it easier to identify teammate positions through teammate icon.

23.Restoratives are redesigned so that each medical supply now has an irreplaceable role.

24.Armor piercing stats are now displayed on the ammo screen. You will be able to directly read the armor class that each ammo can penetrate.

25.Character's starting gear is adjusted to G3 armor and G3 helmet.

26.5.45x39mm BT bullet now unlocks at Lv.16.

27.All ammo's armor DMG is reduced.

28.Class 5 and 6 armor can now protect the left and right arms.

29.Armor is redesigned so that the durability cap of low-class armor is reduced and high-class armor is increased.

30.Optimized the appearance of armor and helmets to make them more realistic.

31.Optimized the matching mechanism so that players are more likely to match opponents of the same level.

32.Optimized the in-game tactical voice messages to make them more realistic.

33.Optimized the in-game AI voice messages to make them more human.

34.Renamed the in-game AI to make it more personalized.

35.Shotgun recoil has been reduced to make it easier to control. Adjusted the aim of MP5 and GST17 with no optical sights.

36.Enriched marker options in battle. You can now choose maker types on the wheel or remove marker.

37.Greatly optimized combat feedback representation. Feedback from hitting, knocking out, executing, and rescuing players is more intense.

38.More intense feedback for in-game control buttons.

39.Adjusted firearm recoil. Crouching or prone positions will greatly reduce firearm recoil.

40.Optimized the representation of character getting knocked out. The representation of being knocked out and crawling is more realistic.

41.Reduced the wobble when firing an AKM. The recoil remains unchanged.

42.Remade the basic appearance of Firefly to make the warning light fit more closely with the arm.

43.High difficulty AI now can detect players shooting from long distance.

44.Reduced the forward swing of throwing grenades to greatly improve their efficacy.

45.Optimized the visual effect for passive skill level-up. Added notifications for EXP source.

46.Optimized the representation of recoil and pulling the bolt when ADSing a bolt-action sniper rifle to make it more realistic.

[System & Gameplay]

1. You can now quick check the item's latest price when listing an item on the Black Market.

2. Item description will now include item source and item use.

3. For doors or boxes that require a key (keycard), you can now quickly check the details of the needed key (keycard).

4. When carrying a mission item to turn in, you can quick jump to the mission screen.

5. You can now quick pick up weapons on the ground and replace your current weapon.

6. You will be notified when opening the loadout screen with valuable items from the last match.

7. New card case that holds dogtags, keys, and keycards.

8. New dogtag case that only hold dogtags.

9. New secure case mission that can be claimed at Lv.14. Complete the mission to unlock the privilege to purchase 2x3 capacity secure case.

10. Now you can simultaneously open two pages of storage in the storage screen to manage items.

11. Improved the appearance of the firearm display screen. You can now closely view more firearm details.

12. Firefly mode now boasts a quick sell function on the loot transfer screen.

13. Added stock limit and purchase limit to Heidi's store (resets hourly).

14. When opening the loot transfer screen after the match score screen, there will be arrows and tips to remind players to transfer loots. Especially in Marauder mode, there will be a reminder that items will be lost if not transferred.

15. Simulator players will now only match simulator players, and teaming up with simulator players will only match simulator players.

16. You can now preview item details on the mission screen.

17. You can now view suitable firearms on the ammo, magazine, and mod screens.

18. Add insurance notification in the loadout screen.

19. You can now quickly pick up entire backpacks on the ground.

20. Keyring now will only hold keys.

21. Optimized the reconnection function. You'll now return to the same screen before you were disconnected.

22. Add three new categories to crafting screen: workbench, intelligence, and restoratives. Optimized screen presentation to improve operation convenience.

23. Added a teammate icon to the match prepare screen to make it easier to identify teammates.

24. Optimized the visual effect when logging in.

25. Optimized BGM for the Shelter and the match loading screen.

26. New options for face and hairstyle when creating a character. Improved the visual effect of existing hairstyles.

27. New transitions and loading screen added to character creation process to improve the overall experience.

28. Optimized reward claiming representation after completing a mission. EXP and coins will be rewarded immediately.

29. The in-game Lost Light logo has been given a full-upgrade.

30. Redesigned in-game icons such as extraction points and debuffs to make them easier to understand.

31. Improved the visual effect of language selection on the login screen. (Whether to keep the effect is TBD)

32. New function for tracking mission objectives. After accepting missions, click the track button to view mission details and progress.

33. Optimized the match score screen. It will now display combat info such as kills and damages in each match.

34. Optimized the attack priority for high difficulty AI.

35. Redesigned the max level and upgrade materials for Heidi's store. Adjusted the available products unlocked at each level.

36. Redesigned the max level and upgrade materials for workbench. Adjusted the list of craftable items. Adjustment includes container items (weapon case, etc.), backpacks, and consumable items such as miscellaneous items and ammo.

37. Deleted some keys and keycards used in the Windswept Harbor. Adjusted the value of Windswept Harbor keys to make them better match the supplies of the corresponding room.

38. Adjusted the amount of supplies in locked rooms in Mt. Akiyama and Windswept Harbor.

39. Adjusted the storage upgrade requirement. Now the materials required for storage upgrade are more matched with the upgrade. The slots unlocked at each level are now more linear.

40. Adjusted the entry of player information. Optimized the overall visual effect of player info screen. It will now display career stats such as storage total value and character appearance.

41. Optimized the display of player career achievements. More achievement badges with different types, icons, and badges can be displayed on the player info screen.

42. Improved the visual effect of the insurance screen. Opening the insurance screen will insure equipment and backpacks by default to improve operation convenience.

43. You can now bulk purchase: multiple magazines and load magazines with different ammo types.

44. Optimized the mini-map to make it easier to identify yourself.

45. Corrected and supplemented the English, German, and Russian translations.

[Bug Fixes]

1. Fixed the issue where small amounts of ammo of the same type cannot be stacked in match.

2. Resolved the issue where some icons exceed the original box size.

3. Corrected the inappropriate names or descriptions of firearms, mods, and ammo.

4. Fixed the incorrect posture after a character land.