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Maintenance Update - July 15


Dear Fireflies,

Lost Light will have a server maintenance from 23:00, July 14, to 01:00, July 15 (UTC+1). During the maintenance, all game servers will be unavailable.

Update Notes:


1. Optimized the on- hit rendering effect

2. Updated the sounds of some firearms when a suppressor is used

3. Optimized the sensitivity feedback when aim assist is used

4. Updated the atmosphere of Mt. Akiyama and Windswept Harbor

[System Functions]

1. Adjusted the minimum level for world chat

2. Adjusted the minimum level for teaming up

3. New friend recommendation feature

[Bug Fixes]

1. Optimized the adaptation issue of open door icon

2. Optimized icon display on the mini -map

3. Resolved the issue where text exceeds the original box size in some languages

4. Enlarged the font size for black market price and some item names

5. Fixed the problem where if a knocked out player forfeited, they would not be included in kills


Damage from hackers will be invalidated. The following hacks will be subject to increased surveillance:

1. Aim-bot hacks (locking on target)

2. Hacks that change the starting point of fired shots

3. Wall hacks (rail gunning)

4. Underground hacks

The Lost Light team will continuously monitor the hacking situation and introduce new anti-hacking measures . We are dedicated to bringing you a fairer gaming environment and a better gaming experience.

We strictly follow a "Zero Tolerance” policy towards hackers. Anti-hacking will be a long-term endeavor and your reporting of the hackers will be sincerely appreciated. Let's work together to create a better gaming environment!