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Maintenance Update - Jun 3


Dear fireflies:

Lost Light is scheduled to perform a server update at 08:00 on June 3, 2021 (UTC+10) with an estimated duration of 120 minutes. You will not be able to connect to the server at the time. Thank you for your patience and understanding. A small compensation gift will be sent to you via mail after the update

Followings are the update details:



1. Added a prone button in the combat control interface

2. Optimized art effects for the mini-map layout to improve contrast

3. Optimized the reload process. It will now automatically replace magazines and ammo from your backpack

4. Optimized the rendering effects for opening crates and doors

5. Added system prompts for EXP gained from passive skills in matches

6. Need to lower frame rate will now not be prompted during battle

7. Optimized the movement delay between squatting and standing up

8. Optimized sensitivity for easier aim with high power scopes

9. Optimized execution time. You can now immediately execute or rescue knocked out players

10. Added ADS and shoot setup. Players can opt for ADS and shoot mode now

11. Reduced the armor durability damage of 9X19mm AP6.3 ammo and 5.49X39mm BT ammo. Slightly increased the damage of 5.45X39mm BS ammo

12. Adjusted the numeric value of laser mods to increase the effective distance of accuracy attribute

13. When using splint kits or bandage kits on the battlefield, if multiple leg fractures (or bleeding) are detected, it will keep applying until the debuffs are completed removed or it has been used up


[System Features]

1. Added a crafting item for Folding Scalpel (black)

2. Adjusted unlock conditions for secret goods in Heidi's store

3. Adjusted the refresh probabilities of Broken Knife, Wrench, Box Cutter, and Energy-saving Lamp in secret goods

4. Added a portal to the black market for materials needed to upgrade shelter

5. Implemented Relationship feature

6. Adjusted the layout of passive skills outside the battlefield

7. Optimized the rendering effects of matching confirm screen. Added avatar frame display and team member identifier

8. Added a reset button on the settings screen. It can reset all settings to default except language and controls


[Bug Fixes]

1. Fixed the issue where items in the backpack cannot be insured separately

2. Fixed misclassification of some items in Heidi's store

3. Fixed the incorrect name description of some quest items

4. Fixed the problem where dog tags obtained from the battlefield cannot be listed on the black market

5. Fixed the issue when tapping the execute button may also trigger the nearby fire button

6. Fixed the issue where long-range shots in some scenarios may not deal any damage

7. Fixed the movement lag when aiming with a high power scope

8. Fixed the issue where a rock on the riverbank of Windswept Harbor was not displayed when ADS from long distance

9. Fixed 2 special extraction points on Mt. Akiyama. These points kept sending extraction notifications on the minimap even if the player had stopped their extraction

10. Fixed the issue where in some scenarios network reconnection allows you to enter a locked room without the key