Maintenance Update – March 1
Maintenance Update – March 1

Dear Fireflies,

Lost Light is scheduled for a server update on Mar 1, 2024, 10:00 (UTC+8). The estimated duration is 4 hours. Your game experience will be affected during the update. We recommend waiting until the update is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Please restart the client after the update to experience the new content. We will send a small gift to your mailbox for your troubles.


[New Features]

[Radiumond Arena]

Major update for the Radiumond Arena!

1. The Radiumond Arena now features two modes: Competitive Battle, the original 5v5 mode, and the brand-new Free Battle, where valuable Radiumond items can be earned! Choose your favorite mode to collect Radiumond!

2. The Bounty Store offers two types of Radiumond Arena Tickets:

1) Free Battle, priced at 350,000 New Pounds;

2) Competitive Battle, priced at 1.5 million New Pounds.

[Radiumond Arena - Competitive Battle Map Adjustments]

Based on feedback from Fireflies, we've made the following map adjustments in this update:

1. Added BAF Factory;

2. Closed Mt. Akiyama;

3. Closed ARK Company - Fisher Town section.



1. [Targeted Serum Surprise] Limited-time only!

*Event Period: Mar 1, 2024, 11:00 - Mar 20, 2024, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)

*Log in and complete tasks to redeem rewards like Targeted Serum, Radiumond Arena Ticket, and Advanced Equipment!

2. [Dance Series] New in Shop!

*Event Period: Mar 1, 2024, 11:00 - Mar 31, 2024, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)

*Join me for a dance? New dancer mask and gloves in the Shop! Enjoy a 40% discount in the first month, then back to the full price.

3. [Top-up for Rewards] Limited-time only!

*Event Period: Mar 1, 2024, 12:00 - Mar 14, 2024, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)

*Get more rewards without paying extra! Top up to claim Tomahawk Injector Cases and Draw Tickets!


[General & Rules]

[Immunity Point Adjustments]

The Immunity Points consumed for each map have been reduced.

1. BAF Factory, Windswept Harbor, ARK Company, and Kaido: 2,500 Immunity Points to enter and 1,000 to re-enter;

2. Mt. Akiyama: 3,500 Immunity Points to enter and 1,000 to re-enter.

[Valuable Golden Loot]

Carrying some gold items like the Dragon of Legacy, Advanced Expansion Box, etc. will increase the evacuation time.

[Show Off Your Loot]

After successfully evacuating with high-value gold loot (e.g., Legacy Dragon, Crypto Coin, Advanced Expansion Box, etc.) and breaking personal records, you can view your Achievements on the result screen.

[Heidi Supply Bundle]

Heidi's Supply Bundle no longer needs to be collected from the mail. Now, you can directly equip the items inside it!

[Storage Adjustments]

The Storage is now easier to manage!

1. Drag items to the Storage tab to easily transfer them;

2. The new "tap-to-add" feature can be used to store items in Functional Cases;

3. High-value gold items will now have a more noticeable background;

4. Items can be dragged into the space between the Storage and Equipment Slots to easily transfer and equip them;

5. Optimized the visual effects when selecting items in the Storage;

6. Items inside Functional Cases in the Storage can now be directly sold;

7. Clicking on an empty equipment slot in the Storage will take you to the corresponding equipment selection screen.

[Result Screen]

Updated the default text on the result screen when successfully evacuated. Fireflies can customize it.

[Log-in Music Update]

Changed the log-in background tune to a more exhilarating one.

[Normal Mode]

To make battles more rhythmic, Firefly can have enough time to scavenge loot after fights. Slightly reduced the frequency of Fireflies disguised as Marauders joining late-game battles and also slightly slowed down the speed of Fireflies joining the battle.

[Respawn Adjustments]

1. Increased Respawn waiting time by 5 seconds;

2. If no action is taken on the result screen for an extended period, Fireflies will automatically return to the Shelter;

3. Added countdown timer for the respawn wait time.

[Navigation Optimizations]

1. Jumping from the acquisition source to the Workbench will now accurately locate the corresponding crafting entry;

2. After accessing a feature from the Shelter Management Center, you'll return to the center when going back;

3. When jumping from the Loadout to the Black Market for the needed equipment, upon returning, the purchased equipment will be selected.

[Backpack Organization]

1. Added a new Backpack organization feature, allowing Fireflies to efficiently organize the Backpack, whether in the Shelter or during operations!

2. Added a one-click clear function to the in-Op Backpack, making it easier to discard low-value items.

[HeLa Source]

1. Fireflies can now choose the items they want in HeLa Source Analysis. If they're successful, they'll obtain the item; if not, they'll get a random one;

2. Items obtained from HeLa Source Analysis are Unlockable.

3. ARK Company and Windswept Harbor: Multiple HeLa Sources will spawn in different sections.

4. BAF Factory, Windswept Harbor, ARK Company, and Kaido: first two HeLa Source spawn locations remain fixed;

5. The locked room's HeLa Source only respawns in the final Radiation Sandstorm;

6. At the HeLa Source refresh time, all HeLa Source Generators will refresh simultaneously, becoming activatable;

7. HeLa Source refresh phase starts 30 seconds earlier;

8. Reduced activation time for HeLa Source from 90 seconds to 40 seconds.

[Weapon Skins]

Firefly will unlock permanent access to three Spray Cans of full weapon body: Solid - Bottle Green, Wave - Brown, and Wave Camo – Desert. Mix and match these Spray Cans as you please!


1. Added a search bar to the Workbench. Fireflies can now easily find the desired crafting entry;

2. When crafting is complete, click/tap the red dot on the Shelter Management Center → Weapon Module red dot → to jump to the corresponding completed crafting tab.


Added a lock feature to the Functional Cases in the Tactical Saddlebag. Locked items won't be transferred with a single click at the end of a match.


Adjusted the Repair interface. Now it's easier for Fireflies to select Armor Plate to repair.

[Team up]

Fireflies can instantly attack those who voluntarily leave the team, but leavers can't attack remaining Fireflies for a short time.

Work together, Fireflies! Defeat enemies and don't leave your team behind!

[Loot Protection]

Once Firefly unlocks a room with the key/keycard, teammates or temporarily team-up Fireflies cannot pick up the supplies inside for a short time.

[Spray Can Factory]

The Spray Can Factory interface will display gold and popular Spray Cans from each manufacturer.



[Combat Adjustments]

[Battle Detail Improvements]

1. Optimized the reload animations for GST-17 Gen3 and Hasselt 5-7, now featuring accurate reloading actions;

2. Optimized the firing animations for GST-17 Gen3 and Hasselt 5-7, now the firing actions are more realistic;

3. Optimized the reloading sound effect. Now it's more realistic.

[Inspection Animations]

Added new inspection animations for MDR, AKS-74N, RP-16, SG-12, MIK 2-15, MP7, L85A1, AK-103, MP5, MC1, SVDS, B-11 SASS, SR-18, and VSS Vintorez with variations for full, partially full, and empty magazines.

[Button Layout Design]

1. Designs are now auto-saved to the cloud and are preserved when switching devices;

2. Up to 10 designs can be saved at once;

3. Your current layout designs can be shared with other players via a share code;

4. Designs can be imported quickly by inputting share codes;

5. Three initial designs are available: Beginner, Skilled, and Default. You can quickly hide certain buttons in Beginner and Skilled layouts;

6. Added new initial layout options for three-finger and four-finger controls.

[Auto-Fire Adjustments]

1. Fixed bullet waste issue after knocking out targets with Auto-Fire;

2. When acting as a Marauder, Auto-Fire won't trigger before targeting other Marauders. It will be activated when attacking Fireflies;

3. When ADS, the effective range of Auto-Fire dynamically changes based on the magnification of the sight;

4. A notification will pop up when Auto-Fire is ineffective due to exceeding the effective range.

[Equipment with Features]

1. Equipment with features: Restocked in the Heidi's Store and dropped by Marauders;

2. Parts with the Lock-On feature: The chest-lock phase has been removed, and it now starts directly with a head-lock. Lock-on time has been slightly increased;

3. Added a new feature to MDR: Marauder's Fear, which increases damage against Marauders by 25%;

4. Armor with the Loud feature now has a new damage reduction attribute – Decreases damage taken when penetrated by bullets.

[Loot Collection]

1. Added a new Replace & Pick Up feature when the Backpack is full during operations, which can help Fireflies quickly replace unwanted items with the desired loot;

2. Added a Pick Up All feature for easier looting. The button will appear when approaching a downed enemy.

[Noah Ability Adjustment]

When Noah activates the ability and gets attacked, items within the Auto Loot Space will be dropped. Remember to transfer crucial items promptly.

[Weapon Adjustments]

1. To enhance the experience of using weapons, the recoil of some assault rifles has been reduced when ADS, which has been accompanied by a slight decrease in base damage for certain bullets;

2. To improve weapon recoil control, we've further reduced the scoped recoil of some assault rifles.

[Gunfire Effects Optimization]

Optimized most of the smoke and muzzle flash effects during firing and fixed some display issues.

[Basic Attribute Adjustments]

To ensure a great experience for new players, we've significantly increased the initial Stamina. To maintain balance, we've slightly reduced the bonus from the Athleticism attribute.

[Advanced Aim Assist]

To help Firefly accurately target waist-level shots, a white crosshair will appear at the center of the screen when Advanced Aim Assist is activated.

[Combat Indicator]

When hit by a Gas Grenade, a damage indicator icon will appear on the screen.

[Equipment Stats]

Reduced damage and Armor penetration for some bullets.


[Map and Level Design]

[ARK Company Major Update]

*Scene Update*

1. Optimized terrain, building structures, locations, and scene representation in Lighthouse, Pharma Area, and Residential areas for increased realism and logic;

2. Added a new locked room and office building to the Port Area, with revised Warehousing Area building styles and locations;

3. Adjusted interior structure of the Movie Theater in ARK Company;

4. The Movie Theater Manager Office, Pharma Area 1F Dispensing Room, and Pharma Area 2F Manager Office no longer require corresponding keys or keycards.

*Key/Keycard Update Details*

1. Obsolete Movie Theater Manager Keycard, Pharma Area 1F Dispensing Room Key, and Pharma Area 2F Manager Office Keycard can no longer be listed in the Black Market; sell them directly instead;

2. New keys/cards added: Port Area Factory 1F Office Key, Office Area 2F Reception Keycard, Office Area 3F Reception Keycard, Office Area 2F Computer Room Keycard, Office Area 3F Computer Room Keycard, Lighthouse Lockbox Key, and Residential House Lockbox Key.

[New Mini-Map Display]

You can now view the interior layouts of the following buildings on the mini-map:

Windswept Harbor: Violet Hospital and Container Yard.

Kaido - K1 Occupied Zone: Outpatient Building and Inpatient Department.

[Mt. Akiyama Optimization]

The Viewing Platform and Lake House are now more visually stunning.

[Resource Drops]

1. Replace the Spray Cans found on the map with the Spray Can Blind Boxes. Dismantle them at the Workbench to get loads of Spray Cans!

2. Added a high-value item drop point in the Weaponry Unit of the BAF Factory.


[Economy Adjustments]

[Shelter Adjustments]

1. Reduced Storage upgrade time;

2. Reduced crafting time for some battle items in the Workbench;

3. Added cancel function to the Workbench;

4. Added red dot notification on Shelter Management Center when item crafting is completed;

5. Adjusted space increase from Storage upgrades. Early-level upgrades now grant more Storage space.

[Military Rank]

1. Rank names have been adjusted to Reserve, Private, Veteran, Officer, Junior Officer, Senior Officer, General, and General of the Army;

2. Faster rank progression for Reserve, Private and Veteran.

[Starter Equipment]

Adjusted the initial equipment in the Storage.

[Heidi's Store Adjustments]

1. All Class 1 and Class 2 helmets, armor, and bullets can now be directly purchased, with no need to unlock them;

2. The M75 Frag Grenade, M48 Flash Grenade, and M18 Smoke Grenade can be directly purchased, with no need to unlock them;

3. Increased the price of Toolbox to 800,000.

[New Pounds Optimization]

New Pounds in Storage will be prioritized, followed by the New Pounds in the Cash Box and Wallet.

[Black Market Adjustments]

1. Optimized the buying experience in the Black Market, making it smoother to purchase items at their corresponding prices.

2. All commissions for Radiumond items in the Black Market are now settled in New Pounds.

[Trading Center]

New limited-time deals are available! Get your favorites now!


[Task & Item Adjustments]

[New Missions]

A group of Marauders has infiltrated the ARK Company from Kaido, posing a threat to Camilo's trade routes.

Merchant Camilo has issued a series of "Explore ARK Company" missions for Fireflies to take on after reaching Level 5. Uncover the origins and intentions of the "ARK Patrol Team," the Marauder faction in the ARK Company.

[Item Story]

Updated descriptions for Hard Drive, Cable Car Part, Comic Book, Glucose, Sharp Nails, Tape Measure, Divine Retribution, Smartphone, Handheld Console, Pacemaker, Lancing Device, Torn Notes, Box Cutter, Broken Dagger, Stapler, Strong Flashlight, Walkie-talkie, Manila Envelope, Smart Speaker, Sports Bottle, Hairdryer, Rubber Tube, Metal Bottle, Razor, and Polaroid.

[Item Details]

Craftable items can be viewed in their Item Details, showing the specific item types they can craft. Click/tap to navigate to the corresponding entry.

[Radiumond Case]

Radiumond Case can now also be sealed when filled.

[Bullet Info Optimization]

1. New option added in Settings: "Bullet Icon Info Type", available under General - Function Toggle;

2. When displaying "Armor Piercing", the info at the top left corner of the bullet icon in the Storage will show the bullet's armor piercing level. Recommended for beginners;

3. When displaying "Bullet Name", the info at the top left corner of the bullet icon in the Storage will show the bullet's name.


[Marauder Adjustments]

[Voice Adjustment]

The Lynx Squad has updated their voices with more personality, and there's a chance to hear special lines when eliminating Fireflies.

[ARK Company Marauders]

A group of Marauders claiming to be the ARK Patrol Team have infiltrated the ARK Company. They wear distinct uniforms, setting them apart from Marauders in other areas.


[Bug Fixes]

1. Fixed the issue of being unable to quickly use throwables and meds from Functional Cases;

2. Fixed the issue of game volume decreasing when turning on the microphone in operations.

3. Fixed the missing feedback sound issue when selling the Radiumond items.


[Community Feedback]

[Sound Effects Optimization]

Shelter facility upgrades, in-shelter interface interactions, match success, and countdown sound effects have been enhanced for a more powerful and immersive experience.