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Maintenance Update – September 1
Maintenance Update – September 1

Dear Fireflies,

Lost Light servers will be suspended for the data wipe at 02:00 (UTC) on September 1st, 2022. The estimated duration is 5 hours. Thank you very much for all the valuable suggestions given during testing. Based on the most common suggestions, we have made changes and optimizations to the game's next version.

The official version is expected to be launched on the same day. You need to re-download and re-install the game to fully experience it. Thank you for your continued support of Lost Light and valuable feedback.

We look forward to seeing you in the new season.

Players who have taken part in the top-up system test can view the status of their top-up rebate as well as receive the top-up rebate rewards on the [Top-up Rebate] event interface. The rebate rewards for one account can only be received once. Please confirm your character is created on the same server as in the previous period.

Note: the rebated LP will not be sent automatically. You must enter the [Top-up Rebate] event interface and claim it. Be aware you can only do this during the event.


Recruits Events:

[Cumulative login]

Recruits can get rewards such as Mercury Secure Case, Vanguard Item Case, etc., just for cumulative logging in within 14 days after creating a character. Get your exclusive rewards, emotes, and skins for topping up 60 LP.

[First Top-up Gift]

By topping up with any number of LPs, you can get an exclusive newcomer skin Orange Storm, 1,000,000 Luna, emotes, and a chat frame.

[Recruit's Trial]

By completing the 14-day Recruit's trial, Fireflies can get an exclusive skin "Biker", a key tool, a 25-cell backpack, and many Luna.

[Recruit: Supplies]

Profitable limited sets of supplies for the first 14 days after character creation. See the event window for details.

[Recruit: Total Top-Up]

Top up LP within 14 days after creating your character and receive a Weapon Case, exclusive emotes, and many other rewards.


New Features:

[Countering pheromones]

Collect and turn in the required items to contain the spread of pheromones. Save yourself and others in the Exclusion Zone from the pheromone outbreak.

[Female Firefly Report for Duty]

The long-awaited female Firefly character has joined the operation!

[Map expansion]

1. Updated the design of the map Mt. Akiyama. Added positions for long-range combats to match the original definition of this map.

2. Updated the design of the map BAF Factory. Added a tunnel towards the medicine storage area in the basement section.

[New Weapons]

Add new guns! Vector 9*19mm submachine gun, L85A 5.56*45mm classic assault rifle.

[Weapon attribute changes]

The weapons attributes have been redesigned into a new 5-dimensional system. In addition, each of the 5 main attributes includes several sub-attributes. Therefore, weapon modifications now provide more options: raise specific attributes to the maximum or make a balanced weapon - the choice is yours.

[Combat system]

1. A new game mode - custom lobby. Players can customize the game difficulty and mode to explore the maps and practice at their own convenience. No item can be taken out of the lobby.

2. The Pass the Light event is officially launched! Collect items and exchange them for invitation reference codes. In addition, invitees and invited players will receive rewards.

3. Players can now team up using an armband detector during an operation. Both players must send a signal and be in a shown range to team up.

4. Added death replay and observation mode.

5. New, improved Aim Assist system. Added the ability to lean a character sideways. In the settings, you can configure the activation of firing when leaning.

[Ranking system]

1. Season Ranking Archive: a special archive will store the achievements of previous seasons. They can be viewed in the player's profile.

2. Firefly Sigil: a reward for outstanding Fireflies of the ranked mode. Everyone who receives the rank "Lion" will receive this special reward - the Firefly Sigil.

3. Flags of regions: Fireflies can now additionally decorate their name with the flag of the region they belong to. Also added a rating by region.

4 Leader Titles: every Sunday at 24:00, the overall and regional leaderboards will be collated, and the strongest Fireflies will be awarded the leader title. Fireflies who receive the title can customize it on their profile. The title will also be displayed on the world chat and friend chat screens!

[Trading Center]

1. Now, to unlock the ability to buy an item in the Trading Center, the player must pass the corresponding item marked "sellable" to the Store.

2. Firefly skins available for purchase in the initial stages: Light Uniform, Street Punk, Light Suit, Racer.

[Real-time weather system]

Now you can experience dynamic weather that changes in real-time, adding more realism to the combat experience.

[Premium benefits]

1. Premium β members have an exclusive pistol, which is available only during the subscription period.

2. Premium α members have access to the improved assortment of the Store and receive Sign-in make-up cards, 2 pieces per month.


1. Brand new interface design.

2. New reward for every 7 days of cumulative Sign-ins discount coupons. Every 7 days after signing in, draw a discount coupon worth 50 to 80 LP, which will lower the month's skin price. Up to 66% off for a total of 4 coupons per month.

3. Cumulative rewards can now contain up to 3 items-sets. At the moment, there are types of sets: Combat, Medicine, Growth and Keys.

4. Sign-in Make-up Cards. Missed a couple of days signing in? No problem, use a Make-up Card. Maximum: 8 times per month.

5. Three new items! Used to enhance progress outside of an operation. Currently can only be received through this event.

[New items]

1 3D Printer: Reduces by 15% the number of materials(partially) used to upgrade one unit in the Shelter by one level.

2 Pheroprint M7: Can remove all personal traces from items, making them sellable.

3 Insider's Note: Receive a 20% discount on commission at the Black Market.



[Map optimizations]

1. On all maps, some spawn points and types of items have been adjusted. It will help to strengthen the differences between the value of items in different areas of a map.

2. Adjusted the evacuation conditions and players' spawn points on all maps and added new evacuation points.

[Combat system]

1. Adjusted the difficulty of marauders.

2. Information about Raymond's location after his death will now be announced to all Fireflies on the map.

3. The difference between the sound effects indoors and outdoors has been optimized so that the gunshots' source is now more distinguishable.

4. Optimized the sound quality of gunshots and adjusted the volume of movement, running, jumping, and other player actions.

5. Optimized characteristics and shooting performance of firearms.

6. Optimized Aim Assist system.

7. Optimized the effects display when taking damage.

[Ranking system]

1. New design effects for all rank levels.

2. Updated the design of the rewards selection when reaching the next rank.

[Model optimization]

Improved the appearance of all armor. Now it is easier to determine the level of each armor.


1. The maximum level of the Companion is adjusted to 100. Now the final reward is more achievable. At levels above 100, you can draw one random reward for each achieved level.

2. The limit on the maximum number of points per day has been changed to a weekly limit.

[Character Creation]

New design of the character creation stage. Go check it out, create your new character and start exploring the Exclusion Zone.

[UI Optimization]

1. Optimized design of the buttons of some interfaces.

2. Optimized the design and functionality of the interface controls.

3. Optimized the effects of the user interface in the operation mode on the PC client.

[Recruits Tutorial]

Optimized Recruits tutorial.

[NGP Membership and Firefly Secretary]

1. Link your email and get your NGP subscription. Lots of bonuses and surprises await you every 25 days of the month.

2. The Firefly Secretary has been updated and provides more information about the Exclusion Zone items.


BUG fixes:

Fixed an issue with the relationship between opening the camera and moving when a player is in the prone position.