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The New Version of Lost Light
The New Version of Lost Light

Lost Light will be paused for data reset (wipe) on January 26, 2022 at 02:00 (UTC+0). Thank you very much for all the valuable suggestions you gave during testing. Based on the most common suggestions, we have made changes and optimizations to the next version of the game.

The next phase of testing will officially start at 07:00 (UTC+0) on January 26, 2022. We appreciate your continued understanding and support of the Lost Light project. We look forward to seeing you in the new phase of testing!

The new version content:



1. A completely new Shelter with more blocks and new features!

  • > New Shelter block - Arsenal. Unlike the Storage, it only allows you to store only equipment, such as weapons, mods, bullets, throwables, helmets, and body armor. In addition, the Arsenal has expansion slots that allow you to increase its capacity with the help of weapon boxes. As the level of the block increases, the capacity of Arsenal and the number of expansion slots will increase.
  • > A new block - "Weapon rack", unlocked by upgrading the shelter. It is now possible to hang weapons from the Storage there; they will be displayed on the wall of the rack. Based on the characteristics of the weapon, the game will automatically assess it and display the result. By selecting a weapon hanging on the weapon rack, you can view a detailed description of the assessment.
  • > The new security system, when upgraded, allows you to unlock additional shelter blocks.
  • > Introducing the "Shelter Control Panel" feature. Activates when the security level is up to a certain level. This feature greatly simplifies the management of the shelter.
  • > New version of the food station. It now has a larger capacity, and when food and water are in it, the Fireflies regenerate energy and dehydration faster in the Shelter.
  • > The requirements for upgrading all blocks have been changed, the window for upgrading blocks has been optimized. Now there is a clear preview of the required materials and the results of the upgrade.
  • > The new Shelter now has text hints to make it easier for Fireflies to explore and use the Shelter.
  • > The guest function. Now, when creating a team, you will join the captain's Shelter and be able to view it, for example, equipment sets, a weapon rack, and more.

2. The new Trading center combines Heidi's Store, Bounty Store and Hidden Smuggling, making it easier to buy and trade items. Purchase prices for some items in Heidi's store will depend on the current market situation.

3. New version of the mission system, with updated UI effects and updated missions from NPCs. New types of missions, such as the addition of mission lines related to medical supplies and backpacks.

4. The exchange system has been improved and added to the workbench. Now, in addition to the function of creating items, it allows you to dismantle items into basic materials, and during the dismantling process, it is possible to find some random items too!

5. Large-scale optimization of the Ranked mode.

  • > New "Bounty Missions" system. Fireflies can complete missions to earn Bounty coins and other rewards.
  • > New "Bounty Store" system. Here, Fireflies can earn rare rewards using Bounty coins or other currencies.
  • > Completely improved the main interface of the Ranked mode, the quality of cards, interface animation effects.
  • > The Bounty Store, Bounty missions, and Ranking display have been added to the main interface of the Ranked mode.
  • > A new button to enter Ranked mode has been added to the Shelter main menu, which will be linked to Firefly's rating.
  • > New interface for Ranked mode rewards.
  • > New function for calculating the results of the season for the Ranked mode.
  • > Added ranking display in the loadout set menu.
  • > Added a special display of the highest rank player in the current operation on the loading screen.

6. The assisting system for beginners has been optimized, the interface has been reconfigured. A guide arrow will now display the direction of movement.

7. A Quick Loadout feature has been added to the loadout interface: in the loadout menu, you can configure a set of loadout, purchase and equip it with one click.

8. New directional arrow display feature for fireflies, which once turned on will track the target of a mission. An arrow will appear to guide you along the mission line - Fireflies no longer have to worry about the difficulty of finding the location of the mission target!

9. Self-Revival Syringe: An item has been added to the store that can be used to save while being on the brink of death.

10. The algorithm for setting the recommended frame rate has been optimized for some phone models.

11. Optimized the lines of combat missions and missions with weapon modifications.

12. Optimized key models.

13. Portuguese (Brazil) is fully optimized according to context and localization.

14. Added translations of descriptions of tasks, weapons and mods into Spanish (Latin America), German, Portuguese (Brazil), and other languages.


[Combat system]

1. A new armor repair feature has been added to the game, allowing players to repair damaged armor or helmets using armor plates both inside and outside the OP.

2. Optimized the matchmaking interface. The new version of the readiness confirmation interface will visually present the appearance of the player himself, his teammates and their equipment. Names of other players and avatar frames are no longer displayed.

3. Matchmaking in ranked mode will no longer be automatically confirmed. Now, as in normal mode, confirmation is required from the player in order to start the match. In addition, the player and his team will be temporarily suspended from the selection if they have not confirmed their readiness several times.

4. The matchmaking algorithm in normal and ranked modes has been optimized - matchmaking is based on comparable statistics of players.

5. Optimized the distribution of items on the battlefield and expanded access to basic materials.

6. Optimized the display effect of character models after death.

7. Optimized the notification animation for inflicting a mortal wound on a player.

8. Optimized sound effects for some weapons (sg12 m870).

9. Optimized the aiming tooltip animation.

10. Optimized 4V armor material.

11. Optimized high damage display.

12. Submachine guns can no longer be equipped with optical sights with a magnification of more than 2.5x.

13. Adjusted the level required to unlock some weapons and parts.

14. Fixed an issue with the AK-74M where the vertical grip would go through the model.

15. Fixed an anomaly in the model of the Sandstone Tactical Backpack when viewed from afar.



1. New Marauder units:

In ranked mode, there is a chance that a detachment of the boss of the marauders - Raymond and his retinue will appear. The probability increases depending on the player's rating.

When crossing the patrol zone of the Raymond’s squad, a warning signal sounds. Take care, Fireflies!

2. Optimized the AI on all maps, lowering the difficulty of the Marauders in the early stages of the game.

3. Optimized the effect of Marauders opening doors, making them even more human-like.

4. Optimized the behavior of marauders after inflicting a mortal wound on a player, making them even more human-like.

5. Partially optimized the behavior of Marauders with shotguns, making them even more human-like.

6. Adjusted the architecture and terrain around the watchtower area on the Pharmaceutical Company map to make it more usable as a sniper point.

7. Performance has been optimized on all maps, in particular, freeze issues have been optimized.

8. Optimized the distribution of items on the battlefield, now the appearance of items is more clearly dependent on the environment.

9. Changed evacuation conditions for new players.

10. Fixed all parts of the maps where severe freezes were detected.



1. Changes to the "Login within 7 days" promotion. If you log into the game within the first 14 days, you can get a variety of rewards, such as items, special avatars and much more!

2. Changes to the promotion "Diligent boost". If you reach a certain level within the first 14 days, you can get a variety of rewards, such as items, special avatars and much more!

3. The promotion "Gifts for login" is updated in January. You can receive random rewards for daily login, and even more generous gifts await you for a certain number of cumulative login days.

4. The Crime and Punishment event has ended, related radio stories will be unlocked for all players for free, but the exclusive rewards will no longer be available.