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[Revenge for Devs] Event Rules
[Revenge for Devs] Event Rules

Date: 12.30 10:00 (UTC) - 1.12 10:00 (UTC)


Event Platform: YouTube/ Omlet Arcade


How to participate:

1) Record a video about one complete operation in Mt. Akiyama via the single-mode (The video length should not be longer than 20mins)

2) Upload the video to YouTube with keywords [Lost Light] and [Net Loot Value XX] (“XX” should be filled in with your Net Loot Value shown at the end of the operation)

3) Add your in-game character id to the video’s description box



New Year Bonus

- Net Loot Value reaches 300k -- Win 200,000 Luna

- Net Loot Value reaches 500k -- Win 600,000 Luna

- Net Loot Value reaches 800k -- Win 1,000,000 Luna

Avatar Frame

- Execute more than one enemy -- Win Limited Avatar Frame [Old Time Tears] 



* Please ensure you read through “How to participate”. Only videos meeting all requirements could participate in this new year event.

* Only videos uploaded before [Jan 12th, 2022 10:00 (UTC)] will be recorded

* [New Year Bonus] and [Avatar Frame] can only be obtained once

*The rewards will be distributed via in-game mail after the end of the event.

*The event also takes place in Omlet Arcade. Please check Lost Light Omlet Arcade Community Page for event details.