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Maintenance Update - Oct 28
Maintenance Update - Oct 28

Dear Fireflies,

Lost Light is scheduled to close and reset at 7:00 (UTC+1) on Oct. 28th, 2021. Thank you so much for your valuable feedbacks and the new test version has been optimized based on the most frequent suggestions we have received.

The Open Beta Test will start at 11:00 (UTC+1) on Oct. 28th, 2021. You will need to re-download the game to join the new test. Thank you again for your continued support and thanks for playing Lost Light! We look forward to seeing you in the new test! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, a small gift will be sent to your mail within 2 weeks after the maintenance.


[About the Data Wipe]

All account information on both servers will be wiped, including character IDs, supplies, levels, friends, etc.

*Note: You will need to create a new character after the data wipe.


Update Notes:


1.New gears: 12 helmets and 12 sets of armor.

2.Characters will be knocked out in a more realistic fashion.

3.Optimized the HUD design in battle.

4.Optimized the special effects in battle.

5.Optimized the representation of recoil and pulling the bolt when firing a bolt-action sniper rifle.

6.Optimized sound effects for certain firearms.

7.Optimized the rules for aim assist.

8.Optimized the responded action when aiming and firing with blocked sight.



1.Significantly improved the gaming experience for beginners.

2.Reduced AI difficulty of Watchers in the early game.

3.Optimized the match-making algorithm so that players are more likely to match opponents of the same level.

4.Optimized overall experience of the match score calculation.

5.Significant adjustment of the materials needed for upgrading storage, workbench, and Heidi's store.

6.Optimized the auto-sort function. You can now choose not to include some items in the auto-sort, and choose to sort 1 page or the entire case.

7.You can now choose to collect specific items that are attached to a mail.

8.Updated the team-up system. You can now leave the team while in a match

9.New tier rewards for ranked mode.

10.Updated craftable entries in workbench. A lot more supplies now can be crafted.

11.You can now drag weapon mods in the weapon info screen to install/remove it. Note: you can only modify general functional mods (sights, lasers, etc.) in battle.

12.You can now partially turn in materials for upgrading buildings.

13.Adjusted the icon and packaging of sellable items (intact and broken) on the item screen.

14.Optimized NPC drawing.

15.Optimized the rendering effects of icons and item displays to make them more refined.

16.Optimized status notification when entering combat.

17.Upgraded certain sound effects.

18.Adjusted and scaled down the enemy voiceprint system.

19.Adjusted posture when holding pistols and submachine guns in the prepare screen.

20.Better compatibility for devices with special-shaped screen.

21.Improved the presentation of long text in certain languages.

22.New Spanish language option.



1.New 7-day login bonus for beginners. Log in a certain number of days during the first 14 days to get awesome rewards!

2.New level-up rewards for beginners. Reach specified levels during the first 14 days for more and more rewards!