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Tips on Pharmaceutical Company
Tips on Pharmaceutical Company

Dear Fireflies,

This guide will assist you in completing successful runs in Pharmaceutical Company in Lost Light. Please give your thanks to our community member level 1 chin for the guide. Also, please join the official discord community, you can find more game guides in the tip-sharing channel.


[Tip 1] Get Familiar Before playing any firefly runs

Get Familiar Before playing any firefly runs, you should be familiar and skilled at the game. Pharmaceutical Company is a very dangerous place, as 12 fireflies will be present in each match, along with player marauders looking to learn the map layout. Some AI marauders may also be equipped with extremely dangerous weaponry such as AKMs and will have better aim, which is currently exclusive to Pharmaceutical companies. It may also be a good idea to play marauder runs to learn the map layout, where the keys and big loot is, learn where different marauder types spawn, (common, elite and snipers) without risk of being shot by marauders, losing anything, or being attacked by a firefly as you spawn in mid-round.


[Tip 2] Watch The Marauders

AI marauders can be a dangerous enemy or a valuable asset. They can hold expensive items, weapons, healing items, ammo, and fresh armour. Since the new update, they can also waste all your meds, alert players, pursue you, destroy your armour, cause bleeding and fractures very fast, and chip away at your health until you die. It is important to be mindful of where marauders are and either kill them or evade them. Evading them can protect the area from players, as it will give you an early warning, slow down players and give you an opportunity to intercept the fight. Sniper marauders can easily be avoided, will never pursue you if they spot you, can spot any enemy in its range and alert you of enemies’ miles away. It can also kill desperate players looting or healing in the open. Elite marauders can easily kill players by themselves, patrol areas and tend to stalk players instead of rushing in head-on, giving you a chance to escape if you accidentally alert it. If they do not serve you any purpose or are unsafe, you should always kill them before they get a chance to shoot you later. It may also be a good idea to clear a route to your extraction point with a long-range weapon, as they can be especially dangerous during your escape. Killing elite marauders is also a thing to consider due to their precious loot but you must prepare and plan your strategy meticulously. You should consider sniping them from a safe distance or using grenades. It is much easier to kill all types of marauders when playing with a friend, as marauders will never finish off downed people, allowing you to safely crawl back to your teammate.


[Tip 3] Bring Medication

You should always bring enough medication to make sure you do not run out and die. There are many marauders and players at the Pharmaceutical Company, and the marauders are especially good at causing fractures and bleeding. For this reason, you should at least bring: 1 field medkit and 1 individual medkit 2 splint kits 2 bandage kits (not necessary) 1 bottle of painkillers Bringing splint kits and bandage kits is very cost-efficient and is well worth it if you are bringing a spacious backpack due to their low cost and low space. A splint kit can heal 5 fractures or the equivalent of 1000 normal medkit durability. This way, you are saving 200 medkit durability per space tile with splint kits, compared to the individual medkit's 800. Bandage kits are not as good of a deal, only healing 2 bleeding stacks each. You may get up to 3 bleeding stacks at once, and 2 bleeding stacks are only worth 80 medkit durability. You could bring another individual medkit instead of 2 bandage kits. Painkillers, on the other hand, are absolutely necessary. They make you ignore the pain from getting shot at, and let you completely ignore running restrictions from fractures. This lasts for about a minute and a half and is extremely useful when you are surrounded by marauders, as if you try to repair fractures and make a run for it, they will just fracture you again and easily kill you. It is also useful if you encounter another player or when entering dangerous areas, as they may try to shoot at your legs and cause fractures but be completely curveball by your ability to keep running.


[Tip 4] Know Where to Go

The Pharmaceutical Company is a particularly new place, but also one of the most fleshed out. There are good places everywhere. Ideally, you should always rush the Pharmaceutical Company buildings, as it has the best loot with no keys required and you need to get all the good stuff in there before others get to it first. Next, you should go for whatever keys you have brought unless you have something good. It is also good to extract early on before the exit campers begin camping. Generally, exit campers will start camping once most people have died and there isn't much combat, or if someone has extracted. Try to find spots and keys that have good loot, as this is a new map and there is a lot of uncharted territories to be explored. One thing I know for sure so far; there is a room in the Pharmaceutical Company area building A, on the top floor (not the roof), and it has a window facing the rest of the map and buildings. Here, you have a small chance to find a DVL in the weapon crate. You will also always find a portion of ammo (about 20 to 40). This could be a rare ammo type like AKM PS, which you can sell on the black market and make huge amounts of money.


[Tip 5] Team Up If you down someone

Team Up If you down someone, and they were the one who attacked you and had bad weapons/armour, you should likely revive them. They likely did not have any valuables and could serve you extremely well as bait or extra firepower, should you encounter any other enemies.


*Please note that the above content was provided by players and is for reference only. It doesn’t represent an official position.