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Event Period: 9 July 2021 - 30 July 2021 (23 days)

Award Declaration: 9 July - 31 July 18:00(UTC+1)

Award Announcement: 2 August

Prizes Distribution: 3 July - 5 August


During the event period, those who live stream the game in the category of Lost Light on Twitch will be regarded as participating in this Event.

Live Streaming Requirements:

Only live streams that meet the following requirements are eligible:

1. The length of a single live stream must be more than 2 hours.

2. The content of the entire live stream is limited to Lost Light's gameplay.

3. Cheating includes any inappropriate live streaming behaviour such as stealing other's work, interspersing content that is not related to Lost Light can not be regarded as the eligible live streams 

Awards Declaration

  • Please DO NOT delete the live stream recordings since you have to provide them as proof for the award declaration.
  • All the awards can only be eligible by the declaration. The declaration can be made during the event period (July 9-July 30) by filling in the form below:https://forms.gle/6pNEUHN3taD57w3C7
  • All the declarations will be reviewed by the Official and the awards will only be given according to the results of the review.
  • If the participant makes multiple declarations for the same award, only the last declaration for each award will be eligible.
  • The below 4 categories of awards do not conflict with each other, and the participant can declare all of them during the event.

Awards Categories

Awards will be given according to the following 4 criteria:

1. Participation

Any participant who has made one live streaming that meets the requirements will be qualified for this award.

  • The detailed conditions and awards are listed below:



Conduct an eligible live streaming

Luckyday Bundle*1

  • This award can only be declared once.

2. Live Streaming Length

Awards will be given according to the ranking of the live streaming hours.

  • The detailed conditions and awards are listed below:



Top 1 Live Streaming Hours

Doomsday survival bundle*1

Top 2-5 Live Streaming Hours

Battlefield supply bundle*1

Top 6-10 Live Streaming Hours

Firefly Supply Bundle*1

  • This award can only be declared once.


3. Number of completed tasks

Awards will be given according to the number of completed tasks.

  • Participants are encouraged to type the tasks on the live screen.
  • Details of the tasks and their release dates are listed below:



July 9

Complete 5 in-game sub-missions

July 11

Execute 3 Fireflies in one game

July 14

Earn €10,000 through black market trading.

July 16

Share the tips for organizing your storage

July 18

Modify an M4A1 and kill 10 enemies on any map.

July 21

Check the 18 th and 20 th Official Facebook and Discord post and provide your assumptions

July 23

Collect specified items according to guidelines on Official Facebook and Discord

July 25

Save 3 people in one game.

July 28

Check today’s Official Facebook and Discord post and share your ideas

July 30

Escape successfully from each map.

  • The detailed award conditions and awards are listed below:



Complete 7 tasks

Firefly Supply Bundle*10

Complete 4 tasks

Luckyday Bundle*10

Complete 2 tasks

Luckyday Bundle*3

Complete 1 tasks

Luckyday Bundle*1

  • This award can only be declared once.

4. Number of interactions

The participants can assign a specific interaction topic for a live-stream. Every live-stream with interaction can earn an award.

  • Interactive topics for reference:

Ask the viewers how the game will be played (just shoot or pick up items).

Ask the viewers which map to play.

Ask the viewers how to modify a gun and bring that gun into the game.

Ask the viewers to decide the price of the scavenged items.

  • The detailed conditions and awards are listed below:



For EVERY interaction

Luckyday Bundle*1

Awards Distribution

  • We will announce each participant's awards and on Lost Light official Facebook and Discord on 31 July, winners MUST contact the FB page OR @Heidi on Discord to claim your redemption code

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lostlightgame

Discord: https://discord.gg/lostlightgame

  • All the awards should be declared before 2 August 18:00 (UTC +1).

*Luckyday Bundle: 4a Helmet*1 4a Armour*1 5a Helmet*1 5a Armour*1 M855A1*180

*Firefly Supply Bundle:5a Helmet*2 5a Armour*2 Modified M4*1 M995*180 Frag grenade*10

*Battlefield supply bundle:Ammo case*1 6a Armour*2 6a Helmet*2 ModifiedM4*1 M995*180 Frag grenade*10 Modified AKM*1 BP*180

 *Doomsday survival bundle:Item case*1 Keyring*1 6a Armour*1 6a Helme*1 5a Helmet*2 5a Armour*2 Modified HK416*1 M995*300 Modified SA-58*1 M61*300