Maintenance Update – Jun 20
Maintenance Update – Jun 20

Dear Fireflies,

Lost Light update maintenance begins on Jun 20, 2024, 10:00 (UTC+8), and is estimated to take 8 hours. During this period, you will not be able to log in to the game. Please wait until the maintenance is completed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. After the maintenance, please restart the game to experience the latest content. Compensation will be sent via in-game mail after the maintenance is completed.


[Data Wipe Details]

1. Fireflies' paid contents (including Outfits, Weapon Skins, LP, Draw Tickets, unclaimed LP from Top-up Rebates, and Pet items), Avatars, Avatar Frames, Backgrounds, and Chat Frames will all be kept. The remaining Premium time will also be saved, but unclaimed rewards in the Companion will be cleared. This applies to all Fireflies, regardless of whether or not they have beaten the Pheromone Outbreak.


2. Congratulations to the Fireflies who have collected 3 Targeted Serums and survived the Pheromone Outbreak! As they sustained no significant physical damage, most of their documents and property will be retained by the Underground City. The details are as follows:

- Pets' Affinity level, Ability level, and items stored in their Tactical Saddlebags will be retained.

- Fireflies' names, genders, and appearances will be retained.

- The levels of the Storage, Arsenal, and Weapon Rack, along with all the items held by them, will be retained, but three Targeted Serums will be consumed.

- All Shelter Units, except for the ones mentioned above, will be reset to the initial level.

- All New Pounds will be retained.

- All settings will be retained.

- All Friends will be retained.

- The Rank will be inherited based on the Ranked Mode rules.

- The Military Rank will be inherited based on the Military Rank rules.

- Despite surviving the Pheromone Outbreak, Fireflies will still lose part of their memory due to hippocampal injuries. As a result, character levels, mission progress, achievements, passive skills, and Archives will all be reset.

- Due to the Pheromone Outbreak, the Tactical Glasses will lose substantial data. Their level will be therefore reset. Unlocked Functional Modules and Enhancement Chips will also be cleared.

- All Unlockable items will be contaminated by the Pheromone Outbreak, and will no longer be capable of unlocking Archives.

- Mail, including attachments, will be wiped. Please be aware!


3. Fireflies who fail to collect 3 Targeted Serums will suffer great physical damage from the Pheromone Outbreak. As a result, the Underground City will confiscate some of their property and convert them into medical funds for treatment. The details are as follows:

- Fireflies' names, genders, and appearances will be retained.

- All settings will be retained.

- All Friends will be retained.

- All Pets, their Ability levels, and items stored in their Tactical Saddlebag will be retained.

- The Rank will be inherited based on the Ranked Mode rules.

- The Military Rank will be inherited based on the Military Rank rules.

- Non-cash-based items stored in the Storage, Arsenal, Weapon Rack, and Exhibit Room will be retained.

- All cash-based items, such as New Pounds, Gold Bars, Piles of Gold Bars, and Radiumonds, will be cleared. Additionally, the above-mentioned items stored in boxes will also be cleared, and cash-based items in sealed boxes will be cleared. However, the chests themselves will be retained.

- All Shelter Units will be reset to their initial level.

- Due to hippocampal injuries, characters' levels, progress of tasks, achievements, passive skills, and Archives will be reset.

- The level of the Tactical Glasses will also be reset. Unlocked Functional Modules and Enhancement Chips will also be cleared.

- Other data will also be cleared or reset to default.

- Mail, including attachments, will be wiped.


4. Note: To ensure that you can claim reserved items and inherit the corresponding Rank, we strongly recommend you bind your game account to one of your social media accounts. Please log in with the same account after the data wipe. If you are using a guest account, please log in to the new version on the same device with the same account.


[New Features]

[Seasonal Limited Gold Items]

Under the Watcher's command, Lynx Squad, who were dedicated to finding Nitta's treasure, uncovered a hidden trove. While transporting it to Mt. Akiyama, they faced multiple attacks, causing the treasure to be scattered across the Exclusion Zone.

*The Chinese Zodiac items are precious gold items exclusive to SS1*.

1. Picking up, moving, and placing these items will trigger special sound effects.

2. Collect enough Chinese Zodiac items to unlock season rewards.

3. Don't worry if you're having a difficult time finding the Chinese Zodiac items in the Exclusion Zone. You can also craft them on the Workbench.

4. Do you want to snatch a place on the Seasonal Collection Leaderboard and claim *Seasonal Limited Spray Cans and Gloves*? Merge your Chinese Zodiac items on the Workbench! You can merge multiple Chinese Zodiac items of the same type into a purer one. Fireflies will be ranked based on the highest-value Chinese Zodiac item they own.

*At the end of SS1, Fireflies on the leaderboard will receive season-limited rewards.*



[Combat Adjustments]

*The all-new Companion now offers even more bonuses! Get the Melee: Emerald Shadow - Butterfly Knife for free. Plus, with just 300 LP, unlock the Exclusive Outfit - Sky Trail, Targeted Serums, Functional Cases, and any other goodies!*


- Bonuses:

1. Weapons, Ammo, Space Items, and more necessities... You name it, the companion has it.

2. Treasure Transportation Box Keys to help you collect Seasonal Limited Gold Items.

3. Easy leveling up. No need to complete complex tasks. Simply participate in Operations to gain EXP.

4. Pet upgrade materials are worth the LP all on their own.

5. Functional Cases, High-value Items, and Exclusive Outfits are all waiting to be claimed!

6. Max-level Chests. Open them and enjoy a chance to obtain Targeted Serums, Companion EXP Cards, Portable Tactical Pouches, and much more. Try your luck!

[Dibog Special Forces - Sergei] Lucky Draw

*Event Period: Jun 20, 2024, 00:00 - Jul 10, 2024, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)*

*Brains and brawn make a valiant hero. Sergei is available for a limited time.*

[Seasonal Limited Pets] Limited-time only!

*Phantom and Tenraku, SS1 Exclusive Pets, are available for a limited time.*

Phantom and Tenraku are equipped with the cutting-edge Ability - Execution. When activated, they can eliminate an enemy within range, leaving no trace of them. They're your most faithful companions in Operations.


[General & Rules]

[New Spray Can: Lava]

Lava, the new gold Spray Can, is available at the Spray Can Factory.

- This Spray Can grants your weapon color-changing effects while firing.

- There is a chance of obtaining this Spray Can when crafting at all Paint Suppliers.


[Pet Upgrade Adjustments]

*Simplified the Pet Upgrade feature. You can now use the same kind of item to upgrade pets' Retrieval Abilities, Tactical Saddlebags, and exclusive abilities.

*Pets' Abilities and Ability Levels upgraded before SS1 will not be affected.


[Respawn Loadout Adjustments]

Improved Respawn Loadout feature.

- You can now configure your Loadout in the Arsenal when respawning, allowing you to adapt to different circumstances on the battlefield.


[Unlock Items]

Added unlock instructions for locked items on the Interfaces of Equipment, Task, and Store.


[Workbench Upgrade]

1. Optimized the Workbench Interface to make it easier to use.

2. Added the option to buy materials directly from the Black Market.


 [Combat Adjustments]

[Weapon Disarm Feature Update]

When disarming, both sides must now undergo a QTE check.


[New Weapon]

Premium β exclusive pistol upgrades to the Revolver - Colt .357.

1. Unique Skill - Rapid Fire: Quickly empties the whole mag in a short time for massive burst damage.

2. Special Inspect Animation: Fireflies can now inspect two Colt .357 at the same time.


[New Equipment]

New Primary Tactical Device: Gun Shield

1. The Gun Shield's Durability is 45. Bullets that hit protected parts will ricochet off.

2. The Gun Shield can be repaired using Armor Plates or Scrap.


[New Tactical Abilities & Enhancements]

The leaders of the Underground City believe that good tactics are the key to winning in battle. Fireflies are therefore undergoing rigorous training, greatly enriching and enhancing their tactical abilities.

1. Back-throw

Fireflies can now execute a back-throw while holding a throwable, which can disrupt/damage enemies chasing from behind.

2. Counter-throw

When there's an unactivated Throwable within a certain range of Fireflies, they can now execute a counter-throw to throw it back at the opponent.

3. Frag Grenade Booby Trap

a. Fireflies can now set Booby Traps with Frag Grenades.

b. Traps can be set on doors.

c. A Booby Trap on a door will be triggered when doors are opened or closed.

d. Booby Traps can trigger the DATD-C warning of the DA-M002.

e. Once set, Booby Traps will flicker. Be alert!

4. Throwables

Throwables can cause damage that ignores an opponent's defense if they hit them when thrown.

5. Frag Grenades

When a Frag Grenade explodes underwater, it causes extra Heavy DMG. Who knows if a Marauder with high-defense will be lurking underwater?


Rumor has it that the Underground City is also researching more advanced technologies, such as Tactical Item crafting. Stay tuned.


[All-new Tactical Pouch]

1. To give Fireflies more tactical options in combat, the Underground City has released new Tactical Pouches.

- Small Tactical Pouch (Capacity: 4*4, can be purchased at Heidi's Store)

- Portable Tactical Pouch (Capacity: 5*5, can be obtained from the Seasonal Companion)

- Advanced Tactical Pouch (Capacity: 6*6, can be obtained from the Seasonal Companion)

2. These pouches are designed to occupy less space while offering increased storage capacity. They can be equipped on Pets' Tactical Saddlebags.


[Map Adjustments]

[Map Upgrade]

1. Enhanced the overall ambiance in locations such as Mt. Akiyama, ARK Company, and Kaido. Additionally, the scene's model quality and vegetation density have been optimized to improve the overall graphics quality.

2. Fixed the issue where some areas were too dark to see clearly.

3. Adjusted the lighting and shadows in scenes to achieve a more lifelike world.

4. Boosted the clarity of scenes, particularly in terms of mid-to-long-range views.


[Map Updates]

1. Completed the renovation of ARK Company. Meanwhile, adjusted and relocated the underground section, "Yuki Rin's Hidden Room", to Fisher Town.

2. Updated the structure of the ARK Pharma Company building, enhancing the thematic atmosphere and recognizability of each room.

3. Added a second floor to the Transportation Factory in Fisher Storage and optimized the appearance of plants.

4. Refined and adjusted the outskirts of Fisher Town. Added new entrances to the underground areas.


[Map Selection Interface]

Improved the art quality of the Map Selection Interface and optimized the effects of selecting maps to improve the overall gaming experience.