Maintenance Update - May 19
Maintenance Update - May 19

Dear Fireflies,

Lost Light is scheduled for a server update at 2:00 (UTC) on May 19, 2024. The estimated duration is 2 hours. Your game experience will be affected during the update. We recommend waiting until the update is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Please restart the client after the update to experience the new content. We will send a small gift to your mailbox for your troubles.


[General & Rules]

[Spray Can System Adjustments]

Updated the Spray Can system, making it more convenient to use.

1. Now, a universal Spray Can doesn't have to be switched to a dedicated one to be used.

2. Three default styles of Spray Cans will be provided for each Firefly for free.

3. When purchasing a weapon's Custom Design, Fireflies can now preview the weapon's current Spray Can Design.

4. A weapon purchased from Heidi's Store will automatically apply the weapon's most recent Spray Can Design.

5. The recently used Spray Can Designs are now shown on the Spray Can screen, allowing them to be applied more conveniently.


1. Revamped the Map selection screen.

2. Changed the Radiumond Arena - Free Battle to a Normal Mode, with Military Rank calculations at the end.

3. Reduced the time taken to return to the Shelter after an Operation ends to 3 minutes.

[Military Rank]

Now, Fireflies can be further promoted even after reaching the Military Rank - General of the Army. Strive for even higher ranks!

[1v2 Combat Incentives]

In Normal Mode - Solo, Fireflies who eliminate a team or successfully avenge against a team single-handedly will be awarded special Medals.

[New Teamed-Up Icon]

Added a "teamed-up" icon above the HP bars of Fireflies who have formed teams in Normal Mode - Solo.

[Loot Protection]

When a Firefly unlocks a Secure Case with a key, the supplies within cannot be picked up by their teammates or temporary teammates for a short period.

[Rescue Optimization]

Fireflies are now less likely to be interrupted when rescuing teammates.

[UI Optimizations]

1. Added an animated prompt to the located item to be crafted when Fireflies are transferred from another system to the Workbench.

2. Made it easier to put items into the Tactical Saddlebag or Backpack by dragging the items to their respective icons when playing in Operations.

[Drop Rate Adjustment]

If a Firefly fails to obtain Gold items from several consecutive Secure Cases, the probability of obtaining a Gold item will increase with each additional Secure Case they unlock.

[Matchmaking Optimization]

Optimized the matchmaking mechanism for small-scale battles, ensuring a more reasonable maximum player limit and player replenishment rate.

Team Elimination Rewards

In Normal Mode - Solo, Fireflies who eliminate a team or successfully get revenge against a team single-handedly upon respawning will receive rewards. The details are as follows:

1.Newly introduced Career Record: Upon achieving specific milestones, Fireflies will unlock Avatars, Avatar Frames, and titles as rewards.

2.Upon returning to the Shelter, Fireflies will receive equipment rewards based on the Loadout level of the enemy team that was defeated in the match, along with a partial refund of expended bullets. This reward will be distributed via in-game mail.


In Normal Mode - Solo, if a Firefly is defeated by the enemy team within the match while not in a team, selecting the Respawn bonus will not consume Avril's Deterrence and will offer a discount on New Pounds.


A set of new tutorials has been added. Once unlocked, these tutorials will be available for review at any time on the Tutorial interface.

[Loot Protection]

Fireflies who deliver the final blow to the enemy while in a team will have a 15-second loot protection window. After this period, the rest of the team can pick up the loot.

[Spray Can System]

Simplified the Spray Can System and added tutorials to help Fireflies learn how to navigate it.

[Workbench Upgrade]

1.Optimized the interface layout of the Workbench, making it more user-friendly.

2.Added Quick Purchase for crafting materials from the Black Market!


[Combat Adjustments]


Optimized the appearance of the Firefly Short Dagger.

[Tactical Inspection]

Optimized the AK-74M's Tactical Inspection animation.

[Weapon Model Optimizations]

Optimized the following weapon models: RP-19/AKS-74UN/M4A1/AKM/Pistol/AK-74M/DR-10.

[Under-Barrel Grenade Launchers]

Enhanced the accuracy of the predicted trajectories of Under-Barrel Grenades when fired by Fireflies while leaning.

[Gunfire Effects Optimizations]

1. Optimized the visual effects of gunfire. Specifically, enhanced the impact during firing, improved the trailing effects and light effects of projectile trajectories, and refined the nighttime visual effects.

2. Optimized the visual and sound effects when taking hits. Specifically, enhanced the visual impact of hitting targets, and removed some unsatisfactory sound effects, such as those of hitting flesh and helmets.

3. Optimized the shell ejection animation. Now, the animation is much less repetitive, and smoke is emitted more forcefully from the ejection port.

[ADS Optimizations]

1. Upgraded the ADS process, improving the aiming experience.

2. Revamped the crosshair of optical sights, making them more realistic and accurate.

[Non-Combat Animation Optimizations]

1. Made the jumping animation and the transitions between actions, e.g. idle and walk, more natural.

2. Removed the foot sliding phenomenon from the sprinting animation while inspecting.

[Tactical Item Adjustments]

1. Fireflies can now choose locations on the map to use the Detection Drone Caller and EMP Emitter.

2.The Detection Drone will require 10 seconds to enter the field after activation and 100 seconds to be ready again after being destroyed. Re-deployment and returning on time do not require additional preparation time.

3. Once attached, the Detection Ball can detect enemies within a 10-meter radius around it, regardless of obstacles.

4. The Detection Ball and Detection Drone Caller can detect enemies. Detected enemies' helmet, armor, weapon, and ammo information will then be indicated on the map.

5. Walls will block the HP and equipment information that Gas Grenades reveal.

6.The Detection Ball can detect the outline of enemies.

7.The EMP support will arrive on the battlefield 5 seconds after activation and requires 50 seconds of preparation time.

8. The Bleeding status will no longer expose Fireflies' HP and equipment information.

[Optical Sight Optimizations]

1.Improved the appearance of the optical sights by introducing refined models to enhance the realism of sight reflections.

2.Optimized the inertial sensation during ADS, enhancing the realism and depth perception of the reticle movement when rotating the camera.

3.Adjusted the colors of some sights.

[Sound Optimizations for Mid-to-High-End Devices]

We have further optimized the sounds of shooting through walls and walking to help Fireflies better distinguish between enemies and environmental sounds. Unfortunately, due to performance considerations, this feature is currently only enabled on higher-end devices. We are continuously working to ensure that all players can experience the new sound performance.

[Weapon Diversity Adjustments]

To continuously enhance the diversity of firearms and provide Fireflies with a richer selection of weapons, we have made adjustments to both firearms and bullets.

1.For Body DMG bullets with calibers of 9*19mm, 7.62*39mm, 7.62*51mm, and 7.62R*51mm, the adjustments are as follows:

Enhanced the Body DMG of these bullets by increasing the DMG output and reducing the rate of armor durability reduction, making bullets more powerful when hitting unarmored areas.

2.For Body DMG bullets with calibers of 5.56*45mm, 5.45*39mm, and 5.7*28mm, the adjustments are as follows:

Enhanced the armor-piercing capability of these bullets by reducing the DMG output but increasing the armor degradation rate, making them more effective against tough armor.

3.Increased the DMG of .308Win XM118 bullets (can be used with the MC1) while weakening its armor durability reduction rate. This gives it a higher intensity when used against armor below level 4.

4.Slightly decreased the rate of fire of the MIK 2-15 and SR-15 semi-automatic rifles.

[Pick-Up Optimization]

When picking up weapons during a match, you can now directly pick up some of the weapon's parts, saving the time spent placing the entire weapon in your Backpack and then removing the wanted parts.


[Map and Level Design]

[Teleportation Available]

Teleportation is now available between the smaller areas of Windswept Harbor (Waterfront Depot, Violet Hospital, and Sunset Dock) and those of ARK Company (ARK Pharma Company, Fisher Town, and Fisher Storage). In Operations, Fireflies can teleport through Portals to other areas on the same map.

[Scene Performance Optimizations]

1.Made major renovations to the Shooting Range with significant improvements to the scenes.

2.Optimized the scenes in Waterfront Depot, Violet Hospital, and Sunset Dock, making them more detailed and immersive.

3.Adjusted the positions of some cover in Waterfront Depot, Violet Hospital, and Sunset Dock.

4.Enhanced the lighting in the Shelter to give it a more realistic atmosphere.


[Economy Changes]


Significantly increased the number of items that can be dismantled at once on the Dismantle Table.

[Black Market]

Adjusted the maximum number of sales each Firefly can make on the Black Market from 50 per day to 350 per week. For Premium α players, the maximum number is now 700 per week.


[Task & Item Changes]

[New Storage Item for Tactical Items]

Introduced a new storage item, the Enhanced Tactical Pouch, to free up space occupied by various Tactical Items. With 36 slots, it can store all kinds of Tactical Items and only occupies 1 slot itself. The Tactical Pouch can be acquired through events. Please stay tuned.

[Item Descriptions]

Updated the descriptions of the Medical Latex Gloves, Neck Massager, Gold Necklace, Glue Gun, Old Photo, Gasoline, Powerbank, Surgical Scissors and Hammer.


[Bug Fixes]

1. Fixed the occasional disappearance of some interfaces.

2. Fixed issues with loading lag when entering and quitting operations.

3. Fixed the problem where the master key couldn't be used.

4. Fixed the stuttering that occurred when moving around in operations.

5. Fixed the screen flickering issue that occurred on some devices.

6. Fixed the abnormal sensitivity issue caused by the Stun Grenade affecting screen sliding.

7. Fixed the shooting delay issue with some semi-automatic weapons.

8. Fixed the issue where High-Value Resource Points would not refresh when supplies were present.


[Recent Plans]

[Radiumond Arena]

To optimize gameplay and provide more fun and engaging game modes for Fireflies, the Radiumond Arena will soon undergo a revamp. Next season, the arena will be temporarily closed, and ranked mode will be suspended. We appreciate your understanding and patience.


[Community Feedback]

[Mic Settings]

When the global microphone is enabled during matches, this setting will not be retained for the next match.

[Screenshot & Report Bug]

Added a new shortcut for Screenshot & Report Bug to Settings - Others in both the Shelter interface and in-game match interface. Should Fireflies come across any issues when playing, they can promptly tap the button to provide detailed feedback via a text description. This streamlined process will aid the development team in precisely identifying and addressing issues. With players offering swift feedback, the team can promptly tackle any issues encountered.