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Maintenance Update – December 22
Maintenance Update – December 22

Dear Fireflies,

The data wipe for Lost Light is expected to take place on Dec 22, 2022, 00:00-10:00 (UTC) and the estimated server maintenance duration is 10h. We value all the feedback we received during this season. We've adjusted and optimized the game based on the most popular suggestions in this update.

The next season is also expected to be launched on the same day. Please re-download and re-install the game to enjoy the complete experience. Thank you for supporting [Lost Light] and providing valuable feedback. We look forward to meeting you again in the Exclusion Zone!


Partial Wipe Details

1. Congratulations to the Fireflies who have successfully collected 3 Targeted Serums and survived the Pheromone Outbreak. Since no significant physical damage is inflicted, most documents and properties are saved in the Underground City. However, partial memory is still lost due to Hippocampal Injury. As a result, ranks, task progress, achievements, passive skills, Archives, mails, Targeted Serums, and the items listed in Black Market will be reset.

2. Fireflies who have failed to collect 3 Targeted Serums suffered great physical damage from the Pheromone Outbreak. As a result, documents and properties are lost. Only the basic personal info remains unchanged after the catastrophe.

The Top-up contents (including Outfits, Weapon Skins, LP, Draw Tickets, unclaimed LP), Shelter Boxes, Avatars, Avatar Frames, Backgrounds, Chat Frames, unclaimed Premium Privileges, the remaining time of Premium, and the Bounty Coins earned from the ranked mode will all be saved. This applies to all Fireflies, including those who failed to collect 3 Targeted Serums.

Combat Adjustments

1. Added First Person Mode to the game. Fireflies can now enjoy an all-new game experience in the first-person view. The FPP player-only mode and TPP player-only mode will be launched in January.

2. The Shelter has been revamped to fit the doomsday atmosphere. The light in the Shelter is now dimmer. In addition, the weapon placement in the Arsenal is no longer restricted by cells.

3. Knocking out an enemy will now also knock away the target's equipment. An enemy knocked out by a headshot will lose his/her helmet. Please proceed with caution as the equipment carried by Fireflies will also scatter on the ground when you're knocked out.

4. Bodybuilding has granted Fireflies a more muscular body to carry out more dangerous operations in the Exclusive Zone. Their uniforms have also been redesigned to fit their muscles.

5. Optimized the motion of Fireflies on the loadout screen. They are more ready than ever to enter the Exclusion Zone.

6. Adjusted the control of Silent Walk. Fireflies can now start Silent Walk faster with the Silent Walk button.

7. Optimized the noise volume and the distance attenuation of the shots fired by other Fireflies. Now, you can locate the source of the sound faster during combat.

8. Optimized hit feedback and resolved feedback delay issues.

9. Optimized the firing sound of certain weapons. Optimized the blasting effect when shooting.

10. Customized a new Muzzle Flash Effect for each Muzzle when firing. These effects are distinguished according to the Muzzle Type. In addition, the visual effects of Muzzle Flash have been fully optimized.

11. Shots fired by others are now brighter. You can now locate other Fireflies and Marauders more quickly in a dark environment.

12. Fixed the issue that the Reloading, Bullet Ejection, and Bullet Flying-by sound effects of other Fireflies and Marauders are muted.

13. Fixed the issue where the sound effect of a bullet hitting a type of construction material does not match the supposed sound.

14. Fixed the missing reloading action of other Fireflies and Marauders.

15. Simplified the Reloading process. Removed the slot for the backup Magazine.

16. Added Tactical Pocket. The storage space of the Tactical Pocket is 2*3. You will be equipped with a Tactical Pocket when you're not carrying a Backpack. Tactical Pocket can carry all items a Backpack can carry, except for Battle Cards.

17. Greatly boosted the damage of all Bullets. Some Sniper Rifle Bullets can knock out players with only one shot. Please be cautious!

18. Armor and Helmet will not be displayed when equipped.



1. Exclusive Christmas Draw
Limited-edition Christmas Outfits, Weapon Skins, Backpacks, and Glasses are here!
Event Period: Dec 12, 2022 (after the maintenance) - Jan 31, 2023, 23:59:59 (UTC+8).

2. S5 Companion
S5 Companion is coming, bringing you all-new rewards like new Weapon Skins, Death Crate Skins, Actions, and more! 
Adjusted the reward after you reach LV.100 in Companion. Now you have a chance to get Targeted Serum and more valuable items!

3. S5 1st Top-up
*Event Period: Dec 22, 2022 (after the maintenance - end of S5).
*Get exclusive Glasses and Weapon Skin when your total LP Top-up reaches a set amount during S5.

4. Better Premium Bonuses
Added an Exclusive Death Crate Skin for Premium β (available while the Premium is active).

5. New Action System
The Action feature is launched in S5. Now you can use your Social Action in the Shelter or during a match to express yourself.
Actions can be acquired from events, prize draw, and Companion. Let's get your favorite Actions!

6. Tons of Gifts for Christmas Carnival!
*The Christmas Party event begins! Join the event to get prizes! For more details, please check the Event Calendar.

7. Celebrate Christmas, Warm up Your Winter!
*Event Period: Dec 12, 2022 (after the maintenance) - Jan 8, 2023, 23:59:59 (UTC+8).
*Complete the mission to get Gingerbread during the event. Redeem Targeted Serum, Weapon Skins, exclusive Christmas Emotes, and more!
*The Adamant Firefly Bundle in matches will be displayed as a Christmas gift box during the event. Let's go find them!

8. Grand Winter Festival
Event Period: Dec 12, 2022 - Jan 5, 2023, 23:59:59 (UTC+8).
*Enter the White Winter community channel during the event, complete challenges, win points, and get big prizes! Christmas Backpack and more crazy rewards are waiting for you!

9. Death Crate Skin Feature Launched
The Death Crate Skin feature has been launched. Now you can configure the appearance of the Death Crate dropped by the enemies you knock out.
Get Death Crate Skin from Companion and Premium rewards.
Death Crate Skin Config: Configure Death Crate Box Skin in the Fitting Room. You can configure the Death Crate Skin for Marauders and other real players separately.


Map and Level Design

1. The classic operation has been revamped to remove the time limit from the Exclusion Zone. You will now be matched into operations (when requirements are met) dynamically.

2. You can now choose your Respawn location. Regions will be shown in different colors on the map based on the number of existing Fireflies. Now you can select more reasonable Respawn and Extract locations to avoid close contact with enemies.

3. The Exclusion Zone will suffer from Radiation Sandstorm once every period (though the period varies in different maps), and the enemies will be back when the storm arrives. During a storm, your GPS will be blocked, and your Sound Indicator Radar will be disturbed. The heavy storm will also block the sight of all players. However, significant risk comes great reward. All loots will be refreshed during the Sandstorm. The choice is yours!

4. Airdrop is added to the Exclusion Zone. Now there will be an Airdrop every 5-10 min at a random location in the Zone.

5. BAF Factory has been adjusted. There are more hiding points on the map now.

6. A Knee-deep flooded sector is added to BAF Factory. You can prone in the water to avoid enemies' sight for a period before suffocating. There may be treasures waiting for you under the water, but are you willing to take the risk?

7. New ambient sound effects for BAF Factory, Mt. Akiyama, and Windswept Harbor. The sound effects will be changed according to your location and altitude.

8. New sound effects for different textures in the scene. Now the sound of stepping on metals is significantly distinct from stepping on materials like wood.

9. Reduced the frequency of Thunderstorms. We are sorry for the glitch issue you may encounter during the Thunderstorm, and we're trying our best to fix it.

10. Added a spawn check for NPCs. Now they will no longer spawn within sight of players.

11. Fixed the issue where some windows in the Windswept Harbor are not breakable.

12. Added the interaction sound effect for bushes and other plants. Now you will trigger the Sound Indicator on other player's radars if you step into bushes and other plants.

13. Updated Windswept Harbor. There's now a Waste Stabilization Factory on the map. Some features of Violet Hospital are also adjusted.

14. Changes are made to the Vending Machine. The max attempt of the Vending Machine is reduced from 5 to 3, the chances of getting high-quality items is increased, and now players can hide inside the machine by opening/closing its door.

15. Fixed the issue where the game gets stuck when players are sliding down.

16. Changes are made to Mt. Akiyama. Now there are numerous peeking and camping spots on the map. Let's make the best use of them!

17. Revamped the Villa area in Mt. Akiyama. We have remade the Villa area to optimize player experience. A garden with plants is added to the center of the villa. There is a river in the garden where you can dive. Use the new features wisely. What's more, the swimming pool area behind the Villa is now available.

18. Optimized the display distance of all Supply Crates in operations to improve performance. The game now runs smoother in areas packed with Supply Crates.

19. Optimized the Extraction Point and Extraction requirement of Mt. Akiyama and Windswept Harbor.


Marauder Optimizations

1. Marauders have more complicated patrolling modes - more patrolling stances and actions. By observing Marauders' behaviors, Fireflies can tell whether they have found you. In addition, Marauders will run less frequently when patrolling, and you can knock out Marauders faster when you are not spotted.

2. Marauders can now prone and shoot. Be cautious!

3. Our updates allow Marauders to have decent firing accuracy, but they will now shoot in a more reasonable way.

4. If you fight a Marauder without a well-thought-out plan, you will immediately suffer significant damage. In this case, please make the best use of your surroundings.

5. Sniper Marauders have learned some skills from a guy called the 'White Reaper', and their skill to land headshots is improved. Prioritize them if you can!

6. Other Marauders are still not so good at landing headshots. Your helmets are safer now.

7. Marauders with Automatic Rifles will not go full auto when in the distance. Instead, they will shoot with burst-fire. Distance yourself from Marauders to gain advantages.

8. Marauders' patrolling route is optimized. Now they will pick a more covert route, making it harder for Fireflies to spot them. Please watch out for ambushes in the Exclusion Zone.

9. We have fixed some motion glitches of Marauders when they patrol or battle.

10. Fixed the issue where Marauders' motions do not match their moving distance when they stand after crouching.

11. Fixed the issue where Marauders' motions do not match their moving distance when taking small steps.

12. Fixed the issue where the Marauders' lower body movement does not match their moving distance after they take the first step.

13. Fixed the issue where the Marauders' motion lags when you aim at them using long-range scopes.

14. Fixed the issue where some Marauders' shooting direction does not match their moving direction when using certain weapons (Shotguns).


Economy Changes

1. Some Units in the Shelter are affected by the Pheromone Outbreak: 
- Shop Lv. and Character Lv. are no longer required to purchase items from the Heidi's Store. 
-Trade Center Upgrade is temporarily disabled. 
-Workbench Upgrade is temporarily disabled. The Lv. restriction for crafting items is removed.
- The Security Systems and the Food Station are temporarily closed. 
- Unit upgrade does not rely on the Lv. of other Units in the Shelter.

2. Lowered the prices of Advanced Armor, Helmet, and Advanced Bullet.

3. Unlocked the Crafting options for more Bullet, Armor, and Helmet on the Workbench. Reduced the material costs for some Crafting options.

4. Reduced the cost of upgrading the Storage, Arsenal, and Weapon Rack.

5. Reduced the durability cost for all Firearms.

6. Increased the chance of getting Vector, L85A1, and their components in the Exclusion Zone.


General & Rules

1. Optimized the Loadout Interface for a more immersive experience.

2. Optimized the Modification Interface to show better details of Firearms.

3. Optimized the visual effects when switching from Weapon Loadout's sub-menus to the Modification Interface for a more immersive experience.

4. Optimized the visual effects of the task interface. In addition, the revamped NPC appearances will be implemented soon. Please stay tuned!

5. Optimized the marking system during operation to optimize the communication between Fireflies. Now you can mark loots and enemies for your teammates, allowing you to communicate with them without using voice chat.

6. Off-site rescue players will be airdropped into the battle, landing in a Special Pod. However, please be aware that the airdrop shuttle will expose the location of the off-site player.

7. Highlighted the text on the Insurance screen. Optimized the text content of the mail you receive when your items are retrieved. Clarified the rule that your insured items are permanently lost if picked up by other players.


Task & Item Changes

1. Brand new main quests and stories: 
The truth of the Pheromone Outbreak & Fireflies will be revealed.
New mission types, including Area Scanning, Wiretap, Ambush, and more.
Added a new mission-triggering mechanism. You may now trigger a secret mission by knocking down enemies.

2. Added some story-related items to enhance the looting experience. Changed the names of some items to make them more understandable.

3. The description of some maps is changed. Some unknowing forces are approaching.

4. The character description of Judas is changed to show respect for this great contributor to the Underground City.


Bug Fixes

1. Fixed the constant lagging issue during battles.

2. Fixed the issue that players may get stuck at certain locations on all 4 maps.

3. Fixed the landscape optimization issues of all  4 maps.

4. Fixed the issue where the system gets stuck on  the loading screen.


Recent Plans

Lost Light Mobile will add controller support in mid-January. Please stay tuned!