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Maintenance Update – November 17
Maintenance Update – November 17

Dear Fireflies,

Lost Light is scheduled for a server update at 02:00 (UTC) on November 17th, 2022. The estimated duration is 2 hours. Your game experience will be affected during the update. We recommend waiting until the update is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Please restart the client after the update to experience the new content. We will send a small gift to your mailbox for your troubles.


Update content:

1. Added a 3D sound function. It will now be easier for players to identify the source of the sound vertically.



1. Reduced the number of items required to upgrade units such as the Workbench and Trading Center.

2. Reduced the number of Luna required to upgrade the Arsenal and the Weapon Rack.

3. Adjusted the prices of ammo, body armor, and helmets sold in Heidi's store. At the same time, we've increased the maximum number of items that can be bought per hour on one server and the prices of some items.

4. Adjusted the list of items and prices in the Hidden Smuggling and the Bounty store.

5. Adjusted rewards for the first evacuation in the Ranked Mode match, removing body armor and high-level helmets.

6. On the workbench were added recipes for creating 6-level armor, 4 and 5-level helmets. Also, the Workbench requirement level for a 5-level armor craft was lowered to level 5.

7. Adjusted damage coefficient: significantly increased head hit damage. Please pay more attention to head protection.

8. Adjusted basic specialization of Mosin rifle, DR-10 and M700, corrected builds for these weapons. The Mosin rifle specialty is a relatively low-priced yet powerful bolt-action rifle for the game's early stages. The DR-10 is a long-range bolt action rifle with an accent on the game's later stages. Finally, the M700 rifle has plenty of room for modifications that shine in the game's later stages. Features of the M700 include high-speed ADS and mobility. Builds for Mosin rifle - 1) High controllability in medium and long-range; 2) Long-range sniping. Builds for DR-10 - 1) High movement speed in ADS; 2) Long breath hold at super long distances. Builds for M700 - 1) Fast ADS at mid and long range; 2) High mobility while hip-firing; 3) No recoil at long ranges.

9. Changed names of slots for laser and flashlight. The laser is renamed to Primary Tactical Device and the flashlight - to Secondary Tactical Device.

10. To balance the power of high-precision rifles, the damage of some ammunition for SKS and SVD was increased.

11. Increased realism of smoke and flashes of gunfire.

12. Optimized the shotgun shots' sound effects and added a peculiar feeling of exploding gunpowder when firing.

13. Updated the map selection interface.


Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed the problem with the absence of damage reduction or excessive damage reduction with distance for most weapons.

2. Fixed incomplete vibration playback and corrected vibration effect when firing rifles and submachine guns.

3. Fixed excessive screen vibration when hip-firing with CAR-58.

4. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a shell casing to drop out through the weapon's model.

5. Fixed problem with incorrect display of some scenes and models.

6. Fixed an issue that caused the loading process to freeze at 99% when exiting a scene.


[Community Requests - Implementations]:

1. Most of the elements and buttons on the combat interface now support the size and position adjustment.

2. The player's box (the one that remains after death) will differ from the marauders' boxes. The player's box now has the Firefly logo on it.

3. Adjustment of armor indicators. Some types of armor now protect legs. These types of armor have changed the durability and movement speed.

4. Players who use a mobile device can choose whether or not to be matched with PC players. This can be done on the map selection screen. This feature is disabled if a mobile player is teamed up with a PC player.

5. The first time you enter the equipment screen, a notification will appear, allowing you to choose whether to display the armor.

6. The sight scale has been thinned to improve visibility in the EJS 2.5 sight.

7. Removed the sound announcement for a series of AI kills.

8. Removed high magnification sight lens bug, which caused the lens to shrink when aiming down sights.

9. Reduced radar sensitivity in the Ranked mode.

10. Increased the update interval of radar scanning in the Ranked mode.

11. Voice communication settings will now be saved.

12. Added the ability to reply to selected messages in the chat.

13. The text descriptions of some items and consumables have been updated so that you can learn more backstories about the game's world.


[Community Requests - Future Plans]:

1. A guest account recovery system will be developed in the near future. This system will help restore the guest accounts of players who, for various reasons, have stopped logging in through it. It will be possible to do this from the devices used when registering the corresponding guest account.

2. We are working on optimizing the algorithm for automatic item selection. Improving the efficient use of backpack space.

3. Currently actively working on optimizing the game to prevent overheating and freezing on mobile devices, particularly on the iPad.

4. We are optimizing the detection of sellable and non-sellable items in the Storage.

5. It is planned to develop ranks above Dragon and related seasonal bonus content for those who reach these ranks.