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Maintenance Update - Mar 17
Maintenance Update - Mar 17

Dear Fireflies,

Lost Light is scheduled for a server update at 02:00 (UTC) on Mar. 17, 2022. The estimated duration is 2 hours. Your game experience will be affected during the update. It is recommended to wait until the update is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Please restart the client after the update to experience the new content. A small gift will be sent to your mail for your troubles.


Update content:



1. Optimized conditions and rewards for early stage missions

2. Optimized daily tasks, different tasks will be refreshed every day

3. Optimized interface of mission submission process

4. Optimized Shelter button UI

5. Optimized the display of upgrade buttons on each unit interface

6. Price of 7.62x39mm BP ammo was increased

7. Hourly stock of 7.62x39 mm BP ammo available in store has been reduced

8. Hourly stock of modified weapons available in the store has been reduced


[Combat system]

1. Optimized the ranked mode scores calculating effect

2. Adjusted rank mode rewards

3. Optimized Marauder difficulty on early level ranked games

4. Optimized display icons on the item's source interface

5. Optimized grenade throwing animations

6. Optimized path direction line display

7. Optimized vertical range of sound detection system (displayed as a scale on top of the screen)

8. Optimized tips for beginners

9. Optimized animations on the hit interface, now players can more easily determine if they hit a target

10. Optimized the mechanism of gun magazines usage

11. Optimized interaction experience when switching weapons from the ground during the game

12. Improved Marauder skins (except for bosses)

13. New skins added for Marauders with sniper rifle and shotgun

14. Adjusted accuracy of Marauder shots

15. Adjusted the occurrence probability of Marauder boss Raymond and his suite, they appear at the rank of "Cobra" and above

16. Adjusted the marker's spawn probability in the factory