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Maintenance Update - May 13
Maintenance Update - May 13

Dear Fireflies,

We will conduct server maintenance on 2021, May 13, 06:00 (UTC+8). The maintenance will last about 2 hours, and you cannot log in to the game during it. Supplies will be sent via in-game mails as compensation for the inconvenience caused after the maintenance. Thank you for your patience and support.


Followings are the update details:


1. Added sound effects for a fall injury.

2. Reduced the use duration for splint and bandage items. Increased the consumed durability of medic kit-type items while using them to heal the fracture.

3. Adjusted the drop rates of supplies.

4. Increased the drop rates of task items.

5. Adjusted the contents of the new player gear pack.​


[Features improved]

1. Added the function to check teammates’ profiles and add teammates as friends while teaming up.

2. Added the functions for team leaders to kick off team members and to pass the team leadership to another team member.

3. Reduced the commissions for commodities with extreme selling prices in the black market and added related in-game notices.

4. Added notices for newly unlocked avatars and avatar frames

5. Added the “mic on” filter on the team recruitment page.


[Bugs fixed]

1. Fixed the issue that sights displayed improperly.

2. Fixed the issue that the color of background blood spatters displayed incorrectly at a distance.

3. Fixed the issue of abnormal voiceprint display on the battlefield

4. Fixed the bug that the durability of armor can be repaired to negative

5. Fixed the bug that sometimes the game would wrongly play the BGM of Shelter after entering the Windswept Harbor.

6. Fixed the bug that players entered into the meeting room at BAF Factory after using unjam function near the meeting room.

7. Fixed the bug that team-up players might wrongly appear in the oil tank and get stuck there if their initial drop-in point is BAF Factory building 4.  

8. Fixed the bug that players might fall to death if they use unjam function at Mt. Akiyama.

9. Fixed the bug that players could not joint combats properly after confirming the match.

10. Fixed the bug that players might experience stuttering if they were forced to exit the game in the settlement layout.

11. Fixed the issue that offline hours of friends displayed incorrectly.

12. Fixed the bug that tapping too quickly might fail to obtain mail attachments.

13. Fixed the key durability-related bugs.

14. Fixed the in-game mail attachment-related bugs.

15. Fixed the ammo amount-related bugs.

16. Fixed the storage display-related issues.