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Devs’ Q&A - Mar 29
Devs’ Q&A - Mar 29

Dear Fireflies,

After the launch of Lost Light S2, we are happy to see that many fireflies showed their passion and support for the game. We also received lots of valuable feedback and suggestions. We’ve collected some frequently asked questions from Lost Light community and given answers to them. Here’re the detailed questions and answers:


Q1. Can players modify or decorate the Shelter in the future?

A1. We have put similar function development into our plan. It will take some time. So the related function won't be released very soon.


Q2. Will there be more maps? 

A2.Yes. The new maps are in development. And recently, we started to collect suggestions of maps from players. But in the current stage, our biggest focus is to optimize released content and make the game experience smoother. So the new map may take a while.


Q3. The formula for the damage absorbed between the armor and bullets doesn't feel right, and some adjustments should be made. For example, the damage from different tier bullets should be different to different tier armors.

A3. We will keep an eye on the damage reduction relationship between armor and bullets. And will adjust the formula if needed. Currently, higher-tier armors tend to have higher durabilities.


Q4. Will there be more food variants?

A4. Yes, they are in development now and will be released gradually.


Q5. Will you add a player-to-player in-combat trade system?

A5. No plan for now. Players can trade with other players through the black market in the Shelter.


Q6. Have you considered adding the Death Replay feature to the game?

A6. Sure, we are working on it.


Q7. Will you consider adding a reward system to encourage more battlefield rescues?

A7. Excellent idea. It does come across our minds, but we haven't decided to add it or not.


Q8. Any improvement for the forbidden words of the chatting system?

A8. Absolutely. And we have set up a Discord channel for forbidden-words related issues and you are encouraged to post your suggestions there: https://discord.com/channels/798008717210812436/952778467685060688.


Q9. Will players rank high in the ranked mode gain some special memorial rewards?

A9. Good advice, we will consider it. For now, high-tier players or players who completed many tasks of Avril can gain more Bounty Coins and access more scarce resources.

In addition, we are actively preparing the season ranking rewards. Stay tuned for more information.


Q10. Can Raymond spawn in normal mode too? So hard to meet Reymond in Ranked mode.

A10. After the maintenance of Mar. 24, Raymond spawns on lower-tier ranked runs now. But we don't have any plan to add Raymond to the normal mode yet.


Q11. Will there be any new NPC or enemy as well as new voice lines?

A11. For sure. I hope our design can meet your expectation. Currently, we are working on adding boars to night maps. Stay tuned.


Q12. Will there be regular data wipes?

A12. As we have mentioned, the data wipe is long-term and regular. So, yes, there will be a data wipe in the future.


Q13. When can we have more graphic quality setting options?

A13. The option of lower graphic quality is doable. Later, we will implement this function, plus more graphic setting options such as toggle for shadow and toggle for bloom. So players can customize the graphic settings to fit their devices better.


Q14. Is it possible for you to publish some data like drop rates?

A14. Sorry, we cannot publish the drop rates related data. But we are working on guides for upgrade materials. Once we finish, we will share them through forms like CC videos and Fandom wiki. At the same time, we publish Survival Manual regularly on FB & Discord, which is also a source for gun data and combat tips.


Q15. Any plan for adding more AR-platform Guns and pistols?

A15.Actually, AR-platform rifles are already available. We do have plans to add more AR-platform guns. As for pistols, they are in development now. We hope they will be available soon.


Q16. Any chance of adding new guns or melee weapons?

A16. No plan for adding melee weapons yet, because we want to focus on optimizing existing content now. And a big yes to adding new guns.


Q17. Will there be more different level grenades?

A17. We will release new throwables. Stay tuned!


Q18. Will you consider adding Trio or Squad mode in the future?

A18. Certainly. We have put squad modes of more teammates on our schedule. Besides Duo, there will be a team mode for 4.


Q20. Not all the players in the ranked mode are real players. I hope that all players in the PvP are real players.

A20.Fair enough. We will consider gradually increasing the number of real players in each run. Our concern is that, in the current stage, accommodating too many real players in a run may remarkably increase the intensity of each run. After all, you cannot retrieve lost gear in the ranked mode. We hope you understand.


Q21: Any new game modes?

A21: There are many contents we all want to implement as soon as possible. However, the reality is that there are rounds and rounds of tests between the development and implementation. Our current focus is the optimization of the Ranked mode. Then we will consider developing new modes.


Thanks everyone, the dev team is most grateful for all your support. If you have any other suggestions, please use the suggestion form cuz we do check it regularly. See you in the next session of LDHY.