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Heidi’s Survival Kit - FAQs About Lost Light
Heidi’s Survival Kit - FAQs About Lost Light

Dear Fireflies,


Before entering the exclusion zone, please make sure you are well-prepared. Heidi has prepared you with some tips about Lost Light, read this Survival Manual first.


[About Lost Light]

Q1: What is Lost Light?

Lost Light is a Survival, Warfighting and Progression mobile game developed by NetEase Games featuring the rule of “high risk - high return”.


Q2: What stage is Lost Light at?

Lost Light is currently at the stage of the Global Open Beta Test.

(Please note that the OBT is not available in BE, JP, KR, VN, CN.)


[About the OBT (Open Beta Test)]

Q1: What is this Lost Light OBT?

It is still a TEST in which the game content is very close to the Launch version, which means there are several things that need to be tested and optimized.

Since the game is still under test, there will be a data wipe applied to your character-related data in the future. The data wipe will not affect the items you have purchased in the game. The specific time for the data wipe is to be determined and will be announced in advance.


Q2: What rewards can you obtain from this OBT?

All players participating in this test will receive a mysterious reward. We will confirm the content of rewards and announce it in-game and on the official social media platforms once confirmed.


Q3: How to join the OBT?

The Closed Beta Test has already closed. And the Global OBT is now available for Android users across the global regions (except BE, JP, KR, VN, CN).

You can either download the game from Google Play Store or use the following link:


Please delete the game and re-download it if you downloaded APK before Jan 12th.


Q4: What are the device requirements?

To enhance your gaming experience, the recommended minimum device requirements are Android Quad-core CPU, ARM Cortex A53, up to 1.8GHz (performance close to Snapdragon 625), Android 6.0& above, RAM 4GB, Free storage of 4G.

As the game is under testing, we are sorry that we cannot support more devices so far. However, we will continue to work on optimization. Please stay tuned for the official announcement and in-game reminders. Also, don’t forget to follow the official communities for more information.


Q5: How much storage space should I reserve for the game?

The size of the Open Beta Test version is 2.53 GB. Please reserve enough space on your mobile before downloading.


[About game support]

Q1: What if I need support on the game?

You are recommended to make inquiries in-game by clicking the top-right icon “Support” on the Shelter’s screen, or by emailing our Customer Service: lostlight@global.netease.com.

You can also contact us via the official Facebook Page or the Discord server.


Q2: Where can I report bugs?

We highly recommend you submit bug reports in-game: Support>>Bug Report & Crash/Lag Problems so that we can deal with them ASAP.


You can also report bugs by emailing our Customer Service: lostlight@global.netease.com or completing the Google form https://forms.gle/zeKEjtBWqYgiAB6V9


Q3: Where can I report a hacker?

Lost Light has a ZERO tolerance to hackers.

We highly recommend you report hackers in-game so that we can deal with them ASAP.


You can also report hackers by emailing our Customer Service: lostlight@global.netease.com or completing the Google form https://forms.gle/6VQ6snxsNEoptevcA


Q4: What if I have suggestions for the game?

You are recommended to send suggestions in-game: Setting>>Support>>Game Suggestion Collection.

You can also send them to our Customer Service email: lostlight@global.netease.com or by completing the Google form https://forms.gle/UAUaCmy3azKcH9Fx5


Q5: How can I check whether the issues and suggestions have been addressed or not?

You can check the detailed issue processing progress at the Discord channel #roadmap-board under the FEEDBACK category.


[Future plans]

Q1: When will this game have an iOS version?

The game will have an available iOS version in the future. Please follow our official website, Facebook page, and Discord server for further notice.


Q2: How can I receive further news on the game?

You are always welcome to follow our official website, Facebook page, and VK group for news, join our Discord server to receive various sorts of information as well as have fun discussions, follow our YouTube channel and TikTok to watch Lost Light related videos!


[About PC Version]

Q1. Where can I download the PC version?

Please check this link: https://lostlight.onelink.me/fUb0/3461f4c7

Download the package and install it on your PC, then you are good to go.

Q2. What is the system requirement for playing the PC version?

The minimal requirement is a 64-bit operating system.

Q3. Will the data on my PC account keep in sync with my mobile version account?

Yes, the data synchronization is automatically on.

Q4. Is the PC version available globally?

Yes, it is. However, the data synchronization between PC and mobile versions is automatically on. As a result, players from areas that the mobile version is not available yet may experience lags or delays.